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“What the World needs now is love”, so sang Jackie DeShannon in her 1965 hit released from the album, This is Jackie DeShannon.

During the era in which that song was released there were many intense developments that occurred across the globe. The “Sixties” was the seventh decade of the 20th Century; the second millennium. Some of those events included the death of Sir Winston Churchill, The Vietnam War, the founding of the National Organization for Women [NOW], the assassination of Malcolm X in Manhattan, Martin Luther King, Jr. and 25,000 civil rights activists that successfully ended the four-day march from Selma, Alabama to the capitol in Montgomery, Shirley Chisholm in Congress, the historical Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965 granted an estimated 51 shattering tornadoes across 6 mid-western states, and Bokassa taking power in the Central Africa Republic. It was a time of interrelated cultural and political trends and social revolution.

Fast-forwarding to now, the 21st Century and third millennium, an era where music has evolved yet again, we are beginning to acknowledge the presence and power of change and its’ absolute ability to alter and define our lives. Today, we see how environmental changes have affected our mental health and well-being, societal ills are on the rise, and natural disasters and catastrophic events are heightening with each waking moment. Hence, we are beginning to comprehend why we need more love within our core and more light within our character. In this modern day society, we see that it is not enough to be brave, brilliant, and bold – we need a sense of humor to cope with life’s changes – we also need a sense of perspective.

The “birth” of Tuesday Morning Love began in November 2009 as a beloved response to an e-mail message from a friend. As divinity would have it, the affirmative messages of love and light began to cascade from one small circle to a sizeable community. Creating commentary that could transform the way we perceive things; hear things; feel things – became a purposeful and personal undertaking.

The commentaries of Tuesday Morning Love are designed to be a guide to life, love, and enlightenment, and an inspiring gift to share with others. The undertones in the messages of TML are empowering and transforming from week to week, and offer opportunities for stimulating dialogue, diverse opinion, suggestion, and spiritual growth.

I share on a variety of subject matters because they are relative and educational to the communal circles in which we travel. I share my personal challenges because they are therapeutic and necessary, for others’ journey as well as my own. I share, so that readers may find refuge, strength, inspiration, and mutual support.

“Tuesday Morning Love is helping people fast-forward change,” says Blanche Williams, author, speaker, talk show host, life coach facilitator, owner of Greatness By Design LLC, and founder of the National Black Women’s Town Hall Meetings. Blanche eloquently refers to TML’s as “love letters” that provide that necessary moment to exhale the toxic and inhale the sunrays of pure delight.

With all its’ distinction and ingenuity Tuesday Morning Love serves as an expansive platform to contribute not only my own experiences, but also the perspectives and unique experiences of fellow writers as well.  It is an honor to exhibit the unequivocal talent of such great writers across the country. As a community – we learn as we lead.

Yes, “What the World needs now is love, sweet love”. Tuesday Morning Love!


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