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Steer the Ship in Your Sea

By Rochelle Soetan

Here comes another minute, another year, another precious moment in the unfolding of your life. And you are not telling it, you are living it, breathing it, but it’s not just another year. It is, perhaps, the year, to begin again and identify your growth and process of change. It may not just be time for you to jump – but to fly – to steer, to sail.

For the average sailor, sailing is a period of total bliss. They rise each morning to the privilege of witnessing beautiful seascapes, serene oceans, significant sunrises, undeniable sunsets, land, mountains and far away islands en-route. They float on an enormous piece of steel, like freedom, and most times, in the middle of nowhere. Be it ocean cruising or coastal navigation, they are equipped. Time and again, they encounter storms, rough weather conditions and sometimes, traffic situations that demand cautious navigation, but the voyage is always well planned. Sailors use a variety of technologies, stabilizers, and navigational resources to avoid extreme circumstances and situations they are unable to handle. Come what may, preparation is their greatest resource.

You are the sailor of your ship. And while you may have no control over nature and the onset of storms, you do have a little bit of control over the kind of weather you encounter because to a large degree, it depends on where you steer the ship of your life. You are not obliged to head toward stormy seas and you know where these lay. As best as you can, this year, steer your boat away from hostile sea conditions and high pitching waves. As humans, we have a strange attraction to difficulty. But it’s important to be aware that the dangers of being unsuccessful are few and far between, unless you choose not to pay attention to the weather and travel to known dangerous waters that will not support your journey. Detours will happen and accidents will occur, but if you’re well equipped with clarity, strength of mind, focus, determination and vision, you’ll find your way smoothly through these infrequent events.

The New Year of 2017 has arrived. Something is turning. Everything is changing. Could it be your direction? Could it be the wind in your sail? Perhaps, the past several years have been leading you, guiding you, to this moment of piloting. The new journey of courage is helping us to crossover, gain new strength, and find gratitude in the gifts we already own. And though we are in the midst of high tides and so many stressful situations in this world right now where there is such a great need to put bread on the table, to get the rent paid, to keep emotional relationships that are difficult, stabilized, we still own the ability to choose options and possibilities that will make us healthier, spiritually wealthier, more successful, or perhaps, more than anything else now, more creatively satisfied. When we are truly creative, it imbues every area of our lives which in-turn, promotes our best possible decision-making.

The New Year brings with it a new kind of energy. You no longer have to be led by stormy seas or a certain set of circumstances beyond their control. You can now equip your mindset to steer the ship in your sea in the best possible direction. Sail on!

Love and Light for your New Year!

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