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December 11, 2012: The Healing Power of Love [Restoring and Maintaining Inner Peace]

bio upload 2Guest Commentary by Brandon Copeland

Most often when the word healing is spoken it is thought of as a miraculous act of nature, a transferring of super natural powers, or contributed to the supreme power of a deity. However, healing is so much more personal than we care to realize. The inner emotions we habitually hold such as hatred, grudges, paranoia, guilt, anger, and other very common denominators, have no less of an effect on us than that of a physical illness, and can hinder us from receiving the kind of cure that makes us whole and complete.

It is very easy to have silent negative emotions harvested deep within and without notice.  We may speak to everyone that we know, associate with, work with, even reside with, but find it difficult to reach that single person with whom we cannot see pass the ego to interact with, call out of concern, or treat with regard as we do those whom we deem dear to us.

There is, however, in our own logic, a good reason as to why we do not interact with some.  We may feel we have been betrayed by a close friend or loved one.  We harvest heavy guilt for not being there when we were needed.  The karmic paranoia from multiple deceptions or feelings of anger silently enables us to become insecure.  We vow our hearts to never give that person another chance at our love for the heinous ethical crime they have committed and in some cases, that individual pays dearly. The other party may suffer from some type of material withdrawal, spiritual withdrawal, or depression from being separated from the one whom they have wronged.

The outcome of such measures is that each time we choose to withdraw our love from another we take with us a piece of the balance of ourselves. Naturally when we divorce our emotions and at first glance, it is easy to perceive it as a lesson taught or point earned, not realizing how this deed of “pride” deteriorates the very soul of who we are.  As we go through similar withdrawals with other addictive emotions, there is the initial agitation, preceded by depression, hence finding ourselves yearning for that piece of our spiritual puzzle in which we so rashly discarded by exhibiting distance between us – and them, but feeling the internal effects all the more.

Consider the pressure that is felt when you are in the presence of that person, the feelings that engulf you when that person is spoken of, the anger that boils when you begin to reflect on it. These elements yield a negative virus that infects the spirit. When these contaminants diffuse and spread throughout the mind, body, and soul, they become stronger and reside longer, thus prolonging and potentially disabling the process of inner healing and restorative peace.

The impact from these sentiments may cause one to become untrusting of others, spiritually disconnected within their most intimate of circles, and often emotionally closed.  We commence to exist with a closed heart while our eyes and ears remain open to detect “the snake” over our shoulder.  Fortunately, the remedy for this spiritual unrest is simple. It is an ideology that has existed since mankind walked the Earth.  It is LOVE.

The first step to loving others is in ultimately understanding how to love ourselves – the imperfect physical nature of man.  Self-love not only teaches us to love unconditionally, but also about the power of reciprocity.  After close evaluation, we find that the segregation we inflicted on ourselves derives out of the sheer need to control situations, any given situation.  When we learn to love and let life handle its faults and transgressions, we release the need to control the execution of consequences for others wrongful actions.  This is the beginning of inner freedom and so we no longer feel the need to be the Punisher.

I believe that when we are able to arrive at a place where we can love ourselves enough, it allows us to be “dis-infected” from the actions of others.  The words [and actions] of others can only be effective when WE give them power because they touch the most intricate, sensitive parts in our being.  When these emotions have been dormant in our being for years upon years, the insecurity erupts through the wrongful actions of others.

We may ask, “Why? What did I do to deserve this? Why didn’t I do better? How did it come to this?”

But because we have no answers to these questions, the absence of closure showers us with insecurities beyond control.  Even in the midst of these actions against us we must learn to love ourselves through the pain.  We must love life and bravely embrace all of its conditions by first understanding that all things happen in time and cycles; this is the natural part of living, learning, loving, and being.

Self-love and inner serenity is KEY. Once we have implemented these positive aspects, this is where the healing begins.  It is simple.  Love yourself, love your life, and you ARE healed.

Love and Light for your Tuesday.

From being born in the two traffic-light Town deep in South Georgia in Damascus to the urban area of Columbus, Georgia, Brandon Copeland has emerged as a spiritual writer, songwriter, and inspirational messenger.  Through fire, flood, storm, and rain, this 27 year-old father of three is sharing some of his great insights with you. 

In his youth, he was the winner of several fine arts competitions, oratorical contest, and landed leading roles in several stage plays.  Brandon enjoys reading, sports, and is dedicated to family time.  His writing strengths significantly reflect awareness, elegance, creativity, and moral fiber.

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