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April 23, 2013: Anchored

Reintroducing…Scott Hastie, Author/Master Teacher/Poet

“When I write, I am looking to speak to your soul. Life teaches us that wonderful moments are possible, if your heart is full.”

Celebrating National Poetry Month

JPG Portrait  Scott_Hastie

Anchored as you are to a destiny,

Which is not nearly so temporary

As all you experience,

It is what it is, this impulse still to act.

Knowing for sure that

Some things are more precious

Because they don’t last forever.

Sometimes, caught in the thrall,

There’s no option

But to just stand and gape in amazement

At what you can discover,

And all that has still somehow

Found its way back to you.

For here you are,

At a fixed point

On a grid of possibilities

That is the architecture

Of happiness itself.

Knowing that, at any one time,

It is only for you and you alone,

To decide to stay or move on,

To pause, or to reach out

And clasp something new

Close to your heart,

Wedded as we are, quite rightly,

To an ambition to luxuriate fully

In life’s rich promise.

And the truth is you are indeed

As wonderfully and perilously free

As this suggests.

All this and more you may taste

And explore,

With the best of intentions

And, as if none of it will leave

Even a fleck upon you!

Knowing all the while,

Of course,

This is not really

How the story runs.

Give not honestly of yourself,

And you will corrode the core

Of much that matters.

Shine true instead

And you may well linger

In the light of love,

Maybe even longer

Than you feel you have a right to.

And of course

There’s so much in between.

Muddled by prescribed faith,


And the ever shifting tolerances

Of others that will hasten to judge

Or condemn you.

No reliable arbiter of choices

Before you then,

Save your own inner voice,

Should you take care to listen.

But surely

As just one seeker

Of souls harmony,

Netted but never quite landed

In this world,

To catch even one glistening moment

Of sweet release,

As full, as fine, as pure

As ever could be hoped for,

Would be bounty sufficient to last a lifetime?

Now there’s the rub…


Love and Light for your Tuesday!

Scott Hastie

Scott Hastie is a full-time writer based in the UK.  He lives with his family in tranquil surroundings, out in the English countryside, some twenty miles north of London.

Primarily a creative writer and poet, Scott also has had one novel published, as well as several lavishly illustrated local history books. Seven of his books remain in print today – principally his two signature volumes of poetry to date: Selected Poetry & New Poetry and Scott also has a collection of brand new poems: Meditations, which is already scheduled for publication in Spring 2013.

It is already very easy to sample Scott’s poetry at his highly visual and sparkling new web site at www.scotthastie.com which openly showcases and displays both his already published and latest work. As a writer, Scott is very open and likes to encourage maximum participation and feedback from his readers. His web site offers the chance to post comments, both on individual pieces or more generally, if you wish and encourages dialogue about writing. Scott offers mentoring services to other creative writers/students around the world. He is passionate about visiting and learning from other cultures and his web site also features many fascinating photos from his travels.