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April 16, 2013: B-R-E-A-T-H-E [erotic spoken word]

MrTalley_new_logo_closerIntroducing…Mr. Talley, Author/Spoken Word Artiste/Poetic Entertainer

Celebrating National Poetry Month

In November of 2012, I was obliged to sit down in a candid one-on-one dialogue with this soulful, philosophical, native Arkansas versifier.  When this “gentle-man”, this voice, this storyteller of affection, poetically articulates words of companionship and confidence through the microphone, the intensity is commanding enough to make any one woman feel as though she’s a solo spectator in the room.  After tuning in to his never before shared chronicles of love, light and indispensable lessons learned, I closed my eyes and inhaled a poetic monologue full of passion and emotive pleasure, then I took a moment to just………………….B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Mass Media and Editorial Reviews have noted:

JT“When Mr. Talley speaks, you must pay attention.  His voice is one of passion and raw sexuality, and once you hear it, you won’t forget it; so mellow and smooth it melts the inhibitions of anyone that listens.”  K.Thomas (Aquassentials)

“Whether he flows over music or performs a cappella, he most certainly gets his message across.”  Blanche Williams (Radio One)

“Dangerous when it comes to saying the right words at the right time. He’s one to lookout for.” Bruce George (Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam)

“Mr. Talley is Poetic Sex in the City.”  Jusbea (HBO Real Sex Punany Poets)JT.3

The introductions [No Candles] set the mood, the stage for each erotically tantalizing poem, and the CD; with Mr. Talley’s sexy voice, brings the words to life in a way that goes beyond using your imagination. Believe me you don’t need candles if you have Mr. Talley’s poetic heat”  The Nubian Chronicles

“The ladies are definitely in love with this brotha; very marketable.” Shang (BET)

JT4Female listeners are taken aback by Mr. Talley’s forthright style and vocal virtuosity. His smooth poetic imagery will make you reminisce and have you believing in love and romance once again.”   Pam Osby (Afose Radio)

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

From Arkansas to Atlanta, Jarvis Talley has been an enthusiast of the spoken word and connoisseur of poetic seduction.  Senior UNIX/Linux Engineer by day – poetic King by night, his prose and method of communicating is distinctive in that he owns the ability to unite the heart, mind, body, and soul – into one brief capsule of time – where the recipient is able to dream or desire or drift a little…into a moment of sheer allure.

JT.2For the past 12 years or more, Mr. Talley has been showcased on stage including Showtime at Apollo and BET, and on radio in a variety of cities including St. Louis, MO, Jackson, MS, Dallas, TX, Norfolk, VA, Atlanta, GA, Little Rock, MS, Memphis, TN, Gulfport, MS, Chicago, IL, New York, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.  Entertainment venues and celebrity galas have included; The House of Blues [Essence Festival], Jackson Music Awards [2003 Nominee, Spoken Word Artist of the Year; Winner in 2004; 2005 Nominee, Spoken Word], Urban Independent Music Awards [2003 Winner, Spoken Word Artist of the Year, Richmond, VA], Urban Independent Music Awards [2004 Winner, Spoken Word Artist of the Year, Washington, DC], Southern Entertainment Awards [2005 Nominee, Poet of the Year, Gulfport, MS], and National Southern Floetry [2003 Performer and  Producer, Jackson, MS].  In addition, Talley has been a Producer and Host on a number of radio shows and segments.

With class and style, Talley’s literary work explores an assortment of feelings and positions on the human spirit, sexuality, existence, and self-reflection.  He has been featured in Lyrics Magazine, Clefnote Magazine, Conscious Magazine, Noire, The Writers Inn, Black Men in America, Rock Publications, Urban Written, The Nubian Chronicles, Trimaxx Publishers, Big Time Publishing, and many more.  In 2005, Ebony Magazine highlighted him as their 2005 Featured Eligible Bachelor.   Jarvis Talley is the author of No Candles, his debut book published in 2006 and an erotic volume that displays true love at its finest.  Both No Candles and his captivating Audio CD Private Whispers in Paradise can be found on www.amazon.com. He is currently completing his Sophomore CD, “N.E.E.D.” (Necessary Erotica Exposes Desires). 

Mr. Talley’s exclusive one-on-one interview can be found in the forthcoming book release, Tuesday Morning Love: 53 Commentaries and Weekly Affirmations to Honor the Soul within the Soldier [TBA].  Take a moment to breathe…and journey with Mr. Talley at www.mrtalley.com

Coming up next week…love and light from the UK, Master Teacher/Author/Artist/Poet, Scott Hastie!