January 5, 2010: What a ten it’s been!

The new decade has just begun, and already there’s a lot to come to terms with.
Through introspection of the last ten years, I’ve had the propitious opportunity to discover what I’m really made of…sticks or bricks? Around this time last year, I was a little more apprehensive about various arrangements in my personal life. I was in doubt, although I wore a daily firm smile on my face. Ironically, over the past ten years, I discovered things about me that I had not before recognized were possible. The past ten years have given me more than an ample dosage of growth, truth, challenged perspectives, an increased level of faith – and vigor.

Moving forward I will continue to believe that – timing – IS everything. The time now is the perfect time to choose to be stronger, wiser and happier. Though I am relaxing with excitement, I am bubbling with great expectation for the next ten to come.

My Personal 2010 Affirmations: I will affirm my position and my purpose in the world; I will explore and embark; I will take risks, because with great risks comes even greater rewards; I will not allow myself to develop tunnel vision; I will embrace enthusiasm, confidence, challenge, change and love; I will contemplate, meditate and dwell on the wonder of a world where issues don’t always have to be fully resolved in order to be somehow OK; I will become my best me. I will live for today; I will dance.

Be cognizant of your place and purpose in the world. Be generous. Be kind. And most of all – be inspired. Whatever it is, whatever you choose, don’t talk about it – be about it. Let’s make it “mo betta” in 2010!

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