June 1, 2010: Carmic Consequences

There are some things they don’t teach us at school; for example, we aren’t instructed in the art of making money, nor are we taught how to deal with pushy salespeople, or at a more personal level, how to heal from emotional relationships when they go awry. We are taught that what goes around comes around, but then again, we aren’t taught just how profoundly hard that return can be.  Imagine how much less stressful our lives would be if only we’d been shown this at an early age. It sometimes seems as if life is a constant struggle to fill such gaps in our education. 

What we have been taught – or told – is that life is a lot like a juggling act. It is hard to juggle one very complicated situation while doing something else surprisingly well. And while we feel we may not be getting what we want – we are indeed getting what we need, which is ultimately what we want. During our “juggling act” though, we must take into account the cosmic influences we are literally throwing up into the universe. We know that everything we do has energy; be it positive or negative. Our deeds, thoughts and actions create our past, present and inevitably, our future. Therefore, it is the karma we have created that shapes and molds how things in our life unfold. Ultimately, the pain or joy we have created for ourselves and those who surround us…will find us again at some point. The energy you put out is the energy you will get back. If you are hiding something now, something will be hidden from you later.

Most people don’t wish to recognize that Karma is serious business. You don’t have to be a psychic of any kind to clearly understand that. We all know that what goes up, more often than not – comes right back down. Contrary to popular belief, Karma is not about reward and punishment. Karma is simply a matter of cause and effect; a natural law which brings into our present existence extensions or consequences of what we have thought, said, done or caused to be done in the past. Karma is the kind of boomerang which does return to you. What you put out into the universe comes back to you – either in this lifetime or in another.

Karma, as it relates to cheating and deception, are just like any other form of irresponsible behaviors; you must pay. Life is a lesson, and these lessons can carry over from one lifetime to another – so, it’s important to do the very best we can. Be honest with yourself and learn to be honest with others. There are no guarantees that someone else will make you happy; but you can however guarantee your own level of happiness by creating positive cosmic karma within your world. This is where the power is – where the action lies – we get to choose just how happy we can be by how we treat others and what we do, because in knowing this and doing so, we are assured that good karma will be returned back to us, at some point and in some form.

If someone hurts you badly, don’t be so anxious to return the favor. You don’t have to let it get the better of you. It is often difficult to distinguish the difference between delusion and confusion. It is though, even harder to distinguish between delusion and clarity. We all like to think that we know what’s going on. We all suspect that others have a more tenuous grasp of reality than we do. None of us, though, are blessed with divine objectivity. We all have bias and are often led by perverse personal preferences in ways that are not immediately apparent. Change is just as important as clarity. Change nurtures us and allows us to grow, while clarity gives us the tools for upward mobility. My advice…change your attitude, even if you can’t change the situation. Embrace the month of June; it is sure to be a new journey.

Love – and food for thought…for your Tuesday afternoon and week ahead

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