June 15, 2010: Forgiveness – the element to Freedom

Most of us like to talk. Few of us like to listen. Most of us like to dream but few of us want to wake up. We may claim that we’re keen to see change but often, secretly, we want to leave things as they are. We all have selective memories. We’re all a little insensitive. We all, sometimes, say one thing and do another. We all make mistakes.

With this in mind, here comes the bigger issue. Talking, listening, changing and remembering are all choices. Forgiving is a choice too. Taking a situation into consideration in which you have not been honored is a tough deal. It’s important once we realize that we have been treated unkindly, that we deserve to be treated with love and respect. In terms of choice, we often take on a tremendous amount of emotional stress when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart and things that are out of balance. This is where awareness and forgiveness, become key to the personal healing and resolution process. Once we become aware that we DO have a choice in how we perceive and respond to situations beyond our control, we can begin the active process of forgiving.

It’s important to understand that people can only be who they are. To forgive doesn’t necessarily mean that we ever forget, nor does it mean that we have to make it “okay”, or condone or even accept the behaviors of others. To forgive means we choose not to assume someone else’s “junk”. To forgive means that we do it for ourselves, our inner peace, our healing – not for other people. To forgive, simply means that we make an active choice in how we want to live, be or feel. We forgive to get well…and move on.

In Chapter 3 of my memoir, Bridges, I candidly express, “Forgiveness is like cleansing in the River of Jordan. In BC times, the waters of Jordan represented divine purification and healing. The baptism of Jesus in the Jordan by John the Baptist symbolically began the rivers association with salvation. Forgiveness gives way for inner salvation to commence and it is the path for achieving wholeness within. God’s forgiveness is the ultimate cleansing. Without inviting forgiveness into my heart, I would not be able to move forward in my life; in fact, I would not be able to breathe at all.”

If things stay the same in our lives for just a few days at a time, we soon start to think that nothing is ever going to change. Experience teaches us that most situations change slowly, if they ever change at all. Forgive but don’t forget. Make allowances – but don’t make a fool of yourself. In the final analysis, we realize that true freedom requires honest forgiveness. Some things are simply priceless. Forgiveness gives you the kind of freedom that all the money in the world cannot buy.

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU. – Unknown

Love for your Tuesday and your journey ahead.

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