September 28, 2010: A Peep of Perspective

People view things differently; like colors, success and failure, hot and cold, and living and dying. One person’s flight is another persons’ arrival, depending upon whether they see themselves as coming or going. Colossal shifts in our perception seem to take place time and again, without fail.

Three quarters into the year of 2010 – and now five phenomenal days into the temperate season we know as autumn or fall, autumn marks the conversion from summer into winter, as well as an adjustment in our viewpoints. In the Southern Hemisphere fall is acknowledged in the month of March; in the Northern Hemisphere, it usually becomes visible in the latter part of the September equinox, where the night becomes noticeably earlier. When autumn fully engages us we are able to clearly see the transition not only in the weather but also in ourselves.

Many poets of the 18th and 19th Centuries have perceived the season of fall as a “poetic” shift, often associated with melancholy and the passing of time. The possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. Skies turn grey as people do too. Our moods, perceptions and energy will transform yet again and soon like the leaves on the trees. The brink of this picturesque season affords us with yet new opportunities to see things in a different light. And while some challenges will be easy to spot with naked eye, others will need a binoculars view to make visible.

Now may be a good time to stand still, calm down, reflect on the past eight months and relax. Personally, I have decided to embrace this season of changeover by placing many things into perspective – both old and anew; physical and mental. Autumn bestows us beauty, benevolence and new beginnings. It will be most beneficial if we can have a view with a clue.

Love for your Tuesday and your autumn days ahead.

2 thoughts on “September 28, 2010: A Peep of Perspective”

  1. Dear Rochelle,
    I love your blog – it’s very creative and it offers a wonderful sancuary from the crazy and busy world we live in. Now, I have something to look forward on Tuesday morning… Love – Ania


  2. Rochelle, your blog is quite interesting, and I see hints of Buddhist thought in your writing. For instance, “color symbolism” is used in a wide variety of ways in Buddhist art and ritual. It is believed that by meditating on the individual colors, which contain their respective essences and are associated with a particular buddha or bodhisattva, spiritual transformations can be achieved. Are you studying Buddhism now?


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