November 24, 2010: First things First

Todays commentary is a repeat of March 2, 2010 with minor modifications.

Every now and then, more now – than then, we must take inventory of our lives, our habits, our perspectives, our flight. Allotting time for self-introspection is critical to ones spiritual journey. Your expedition through this life will surely be an interesting one, and at times, will prompt you to asking that one million dollar question, “Why did I ever bother to set out down this road?” These are the defining moments when you must unavoidably stop and re-access the road map.

“Let’s get away from it all”. That’s what we tell ourselves when we want an escape route. We try traveling with every attempt of leaving our problems behind, only to discover that they will be awaiting us upon our return. We bury ourselves in our jobs, our partners’ lives, our favorite books or films, and sometimes even our favorite booze, thinking that if we drink away our worries or seek solace in other self-destructive vices, we’ll find the contentment that we have so desperately been seeking. None of it though, affords us any more than temporary respite. Our difficulties are like our shadows; they go wherever we go. The only way to be free of them is to face them. First though, we must acknowledge that these obscurities exist.

We are now very close to approaching the end of the year 2010. Some of our “new years” declarations from the beginning of this stimulating year, have quietly fallen by the waste side and our glorious intents for the new decade have taken temporary residence elsewhere. There is no better time than the present to re-evaluate our flight and reprioritize our goals.

While we cannot change the past, we can certainly change our understanding of it. The future is never supposed to have one particular shape. It becomes whatever it needs to become on the basis of what we do today. What stops it from being positive in any given moment, is our own lack of faith and quest for insight. If we don’t want our future to be full of awkward attempts to compensate for yesterday, we’d better start looking at it in a different light.

Today brings a chance to be very clear and honest with ourselves. First things first –before we enter the second decade of the millennium, we need to do some soul work to make certain that our journey’s purpose is clear. What are we waiting for?

Love for your Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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