1.11.11: Something’s Gotta Give

“The worst has already happened; the best is yet to come.” Perhaps that’s a statement we can presume to make about the history of the human race. It also bears some truth to what we can say about life as we presently know it.

As we navigate through time, history continues to show us how the month of January is equally as commanding, as it is significant. Named after Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors, January – is the start of a new year; the beginning of yet another unmarked 365 day cycle. This particular month has become a unique turning point on the calendar, in which we are afforded an opportunity to reflect both backward and forward at the same time, while examining the past 11 months and redeveloping ourselves for the next 11 forthcoming.

The months of the year are significant to our everyday lives. So are numbers. In understanding how they influence our order of events can serve us well. Every number has an influence, a relationship, and a certain power which is expressed, both by its symbol and by its connection to universal principles. There’s no coincidence January kicks off the year and leads the way. The number one represents aggression, action, and ambition in us. It symbolizes strong will, positive energy, and the urgency for new beginnings, hence why we are encouraged to make a fresh start – both physically and mentally.

Every January of every year I hear people make new years resolutions; pertaining to areas of personal growth, professional development, love, a fix in finances, and even health, which are all great incentives to get us going. But though each year bestows us many of these new opportunities, most times what we fail to realize is that in order to acquire something new, we’ve got to let go of something old. We must clear some space from the past to receive divine blessings of the present. We can’t possibly hold on to everything – or everyone. Something’s gotta give. With compromise and understanding, we can learn to let go of many unnecessary and unpleasant issues that hold us back in life, so that we can embrace clarity, contentment, and grace.

In this new year, an affirmative change is coming, for nothing ever stays the same. Positive solutions for many of our dilemmas are on the rise. Regardless of how bad things get at times, we should begin to trust that they won’t ever be as bad as they once were before. And no matter how good things have been in the past, we should have great expectations that there are going to be moments that far surpass those shining rainbows and silver linings. After all, the worst has already happened; and the best is yet to come!

Love for your Tuesday.

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