March 1, 2011: The Perfect Storm

I’ve been taking “cosmic” notes on the changes in the weather patterns over the past few years. The weather that takes place in the month of March is surreal, and uniquely distinct from that of any other month in the year. Some call it “Crazy March” or “March Madness”, because of the energy this very month produces and releases. It is the month in which the weather is in absolute flux, when the hurdles of the wind, rain, and sun change course consistently and dramatically. Not surprising, those born in this month exhibit similar traits of the weather as well.

Some storms we go through because of nature unleashing its authority. Other times we go through personal storms. Storms, whether of a natural cause or personal manner, affect our psyche in the same way. According to the Zen Calendar, March is the month of Reflection. With all that goes on in our hectic lives, from places to go, daily and endless to-do lists, and even more tasks to discover as we go along, taking some time to reflect is a central part of our spiritual and personal development. Most people do not set aside time for a practice of daily reflection. One thing I miss most about my weekly exercise regime is the employment of Yoga. The peaceful, calm, centered awareness of being one with only myself – and the universe – bestows me unspeakable composure.

One spiritual medium I’ve encountered in my life often greets me with, “Namaste”, meaning respect or reverence to you. When addressed, I cannot help but feel a pleasant reaction as if I’ve just been blessed. This moment transforms into a reflective moment for me. Reflecting is like breathing clean air. Reflection allows me to think deeply. Think seriously. Consider things. Breathe. Meditation, prayer, chanting, and journaling are also ways I employ reflective moments in my time. Some people use art as a space for reflection, self-expression, and analysis. I know of others who use their commute to and from the office for reflective time. Some use their daily bath, go to the gym, hike a bike route, and even participate in visioning exercises to share and transfer ideas and concepts amongst their peers and colleagues. I find that all of these things help us find clarity, relax, relate, and release anxieties from stress related issues.

The spirit of March is significant. In ancient times, before there was January – there was March. March was then considered the first month of the year, and its name originated from Ancient Rome, where the climate is Mediterranean. The weather during this time altered people’s attitudes and modified their thinking processes. March was the first month of spring and a logical point for the beginning of the year. Though it has since been recognized as the third month of the year, many cultures and religions still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in March. I hold significant affection for this month because of its’ symbolic nature, and because it is the month in which my three siblings and I were charismatically born, beginning with my eldest sister Karen whose birth date graces today.

The eccentric nature of March’s weather afford us the kind of storms we can use to our psychological benefit, to shield from the rain showers that follow in April, which bring about the picturesque flowers that inescapably bloom in May. If we could spend less time in our “pity parties” and more time reflecting on our flight, embracing our spirits and honoring our positive attributes, we would find more progressive ways to deal with those raging storms that come into our lives and frequently alter our balance. March weather which without fail, “Comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb”, provides us the perfect storm to analyze and come out of the pandemonium in order to see the rainbow for what it truly is: light, beauty, joy, and love.

This month, beginning with today, I challenge you to look at your storms, deal with them, and force yourself to find ONE good thing about pushing through it.

Sometimes God calms the storm. At other times, he calms the sailor. And sometimes he makes us swim. – Author Unknown

Love for your Tuesday.

One thought on “March 1, 2011: The Perfect Storm”

  1. DIVINE. The Perfect Storm was the Perfect way to start off the month–we need a little inspiration going in. The beginning and ending paragraphs were my favorites here, as were the quotes inserted. How ironic, yet amazing [it is] to know that March started it all-at least from the theories 🙂 As seeing that Aries are also first, at the head of the Astrological Zodiac. Lucky You. Still, as you mentioned in the opening paragraph, “Not surprising though, those born in this month exhibit similar traits of the weather as well”, which couldn’t be more true for you mother–as you and March [Madness] have your fixed, forceful, and aggressive temperaments, both positive and negative. 🙂


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