March 29, 2011: The Fire Inside

There is such a short prayer, “Lord, give me patience, but please hurry!” A prayer I recognize and request each time I lose my cool in any capacity, my intelligence is challenged, or even when my children don’t follow all the rules. At some point throughout this frenzied process, I realize both the significance and the benefits of remaining calm, composed, and silent.

Those born under the Sun between March 21st and April 20th are quite familiar with this course of action. Quick tempered, impulsive, independent, impossible, and impatient are the myths that follow our identification. Many are fearless but thoughtless, energetic yet disorganized, gloriously independent, wonderfully ambitious and eternally hungry for a new adventure. A wise thinker and careful planner, the Ram stands alone, at the forefront of the zodiacs navigation, ramping up his horns and waiting to take the world at full speed. And though this cardinal enthusiast breathes concentrated fire, he eventually masters the art of how to contain it.

The fire inside of an Aries is indeed bold, bright, and beautiful. Ruled by the planet Mars, Arians are doers, pioneers, warriors, daredevils, competitors, and leaders at best. Generally high spirited and bursting with creative ideas, Arians are fully aware that patience is not their strongest quality. However, in the midst of any crises, Arians have the unique ability to respond well to opposition and meet challenges head on – hence being the ruler of the head. Not ironically, one can distinguish an Arian from far away by their direct approach, decisive action, and lack of subtlety and tact. As Arians mature with grace, they understand the need for developing more patience, more fortitude, and more humility.

Patience is the guardian off all the virtues. The obstacles that we encounter can only be overcome by patience. Cultivating patience is one of the greatest challenges any one individual will ever employ. It is a virtue which helps us, for the love of God, to calmly bear our trials and tribulations and preserve serenity amid the sufferings of life. Everyone has suffered in some capacity or another. What I have discovered is that our individual burdens, whatever they may be, are God’s gift and have divine blessings for us, but only if we bear them in faith and love. Patience does not necessarily exclude our wish for a relief from suffering, but it does help us to manage our irritation and frustration, and strengthens our minds and our backs for the voyage ahead.

Patience and self-control are never more sorely tested than in our daily sufferings, and so the virtue of patience becomes a necessity to our everyday lives. Just as we know the intensity of the element of fire, in all these cases, a wise Arian bravely accepts and carries his cross because he knows that it will lead him to eternal deliverance. By accepting the possibility that patience can serve as his greatest asset, dynamic and generous, the Aries spirit lives to fight another day.

Love for your Tuesday. Birthday wishes are bestowed to all my fellow Arians!

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