May 24, 2011: Hidden Opportunity

Sometimes, we forget how strong we are. We let our fears get the better of us, even when we have nothing to be afraid of. We commit to memory old problems and forget that we have long-since learned how to handle them with bravery. In the midst of a crisis, we tend to see ourselves as little children, even when we are powerful adults. And while we are debating whether we want to fight or take flight, we miss the possibility that the “crisis” could actually be the “blessing” we were waiting for all along.

Fear is a beast. It can be elusive. It conceals itself and can take on a top secret identity of its very own. It knows our address and periodically takes residence on our sofa. It lingers around like a soiled scent and departs only when we open the door wide enough. Strength on the other hand, is beauty. It grants us “super natural” powers. It bestows us the potency of self-assurance, the greatness of enlightenment, and the mindset of a winner. It reassures us that all things are in divine order and that apprehension has no place on our doorstep. Once we discern this, we come out of hiding, and we are able to see the “beauty” in the “beast.”

People think when they try to be in the right place at the right time that literally means changing location. Rarely though, is this required. It’s much more likely that a simple change in perspective and attitude will do the trick. Simply by deciding that you are going to seize the moment, make the best out of an unfortunate situation, feel alright, and get moving in the right direction, gives you triple strength to tackle any “missed chance.”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced some unexpected turbulence in my “employment.” What this situation has revealed to me is that blessings come in strangely wrapped packages. If we are not attentive and receptive to what the universe is trying to deliver to us, we will undoubtedly miss it.

Perspective is everything. A confident person, deciding to play the hand they have been dealt as well as possible, can be far more successful than an insecure individual who happens to be holding an entire set of aces. Those who care too much about winning also tend to worry too much about losing. What we really need to care about is learning. If this is our priority, we can enjoy life regardless of what it seems to be giving (or taking) from us.

Strength is one of your greatest assets. Let go of fear. Stay open-minded. Don’t look at what you feel you’ve lost. Look now at the beauty of what you’ve gained – a hidden opportunity with unlimited possibilities.

Love for your Tuesday.

One thought on “May 24, 2011: Hidden Opportunity”

  1. Oh! You’ve done it again, haven’t you. Positively divine–the fear and perspective paragraphs were dead-on, and I Loved the Whole Strength section–‘The Beauty in the Beast.’


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