July 12, 2011: A Different Approach

In last week’s commentary, I talked about reasons, seasons, and divine order. Sometimes we don’t understand the essence behind a “divine” occurrence, the need for someone to become “visible” at a particular time in our lives, or the necessity for a shift in our psychological world.

The past, present, and future each play a significant role to our existence. Our state of affairs repeatedly dictates a need for transformation. In order to improve our overall wellbeing, recognizing change as inevitable helps us get unstuck and detach from the mundane. Change enables us to grow to levels we never imagined we could. Change carries us – from one necessary season of survival – to another. Change is the ultimate reason we push ourselves forward, strive for what we know we deserve, and overcome the unachievable, the hopeless, and the circumstantial.

We are unyielding as human beings. We often adopt one particular attitude or stance toward a person, place, or thing. We tend to clutter our spaces and consciously connect to objects and occurrences that provide us no real balance. How we feel about ourselves, view ourselves, and treat ourselves make a difference in our overall attitude and approach. After all, it’s not so much what we encounter, but how we decode and deal with the challenge of the encounter.

Attitude they say – is everything. Our personalities are a bit like suits; we put them on when we have to go out into the world. Even the greatest of extroverts don’t wander around alone, at home, being bubbly. And many introverts secretly sing in the shower. The psychological armor we wear may keep us reclusive and content on the inside; but sooner or later, we realize that we must be a bit more assertive, rise to the occasion, and employ an affirmative method.

It’s time to get radical and approach things differently. Be bold. Get unstuck. A reverse approach to how you view and cope with circumstances can aid in your greatest development. Your approach will make the difference between a positive and a negative result. Start with understanding that your reason, season, or lifetime experience has its purpose – and time. NOW is the time to reclaim and realign your energy – with a new approach.

Love and Light for your Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “July 12, 2011: A Different Approach”

  1. Truly a great way to follow the previous commentary – Reasons, Seasons, and Divine Order. Apparently the suits we wear each portray different characteristics, since every thread counts.


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