August 16, 2011: A Fear to Adhere

There have been a lot of chaotic happenings in and about the country and around the world. One hot topic has largely been the August London Riots. From New York to Los Angeles, Greece to Spain, Manchester to East London, the fear of economic decline and the blatancy of racial unequality has caused a wave of anxiety that has taken its toll in myriad numbers.

Terror and apprehension have become part of the way we live – and within our own skin. The plummet in the financial markets, the panic of losing residential properties, the failures in many of the educational systems, and the jobs we’ve come to know as insecure  have created a transparent fear in our hearts and shaken our faith to the core. I believe we have not seen the worst, and sadly, we have many more uncertain months ahead in the world of stocks, shares, and securities.

Though we presently have a lot to contend with, the current cosmos in the sky advise us that the rest of the year through the year of 2012 will bring about many fears for people to face, but none that cannot be overcome. In the 1932 presidential election, Franklin D. Roosevelt frankly said in his first Inaugural Address, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. That pretty much summed up all of how he felt principally, politically, and personally regarding his views of Americans across the nation.

Many of the residents throughout the United Kingdom [UK] are now experiencing a summer plagued with disorder and much discontent, fatalities triggered by anger and hate, and societies divided by ethnicities, class types, and politics. Fear is no doubt the driving force that will keep that pandemonium’s eternal flame alive. Fear is that thing that comes to rob us in the middle of the night. Fear immobilizes our gain and stunts our growth. And like many of the deserted and murky streets in Tottenham and Liverpool, fear keeps us in the dark.

What time is it? What day is it? No, not on the calendar… on your personal journey through the universe. There is no need for you to fear your surroundings, the forthcoming year of 2012, or anything else for that matter. The only thing you should possibly fear at this very moment is you’re lack to live up to your birthright and divine potential. What are you waiting for?

Love and Light for your Tuesday.

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