September 18, 2012: All There Is

The day I understood everything, was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I knew peace, was the day I let everything go. ~ C. JoyBell C.

[This commentary has been modified from September 14, 2010.]

Over the years, I’ve had many conversations with different ethnicities of people, and wherever I go in this world, I always seem to find someone who speaks the same language. I don’t however, always expect to find someone who really understands me. This expectation also depends on the level of depth I tend to seek within that communication process. It’s easy to greet someone with “Hello”, and get a reply; on the other hand, it’s not so easy to open yourself up to discuss deeply rooted feelings, strong needs, secret fears or troublesome memories.

Similar to the way the clouds shift in the sky, our hearts travel to more places than our feet could ever carry us.  We grow to understand that of all the necessary relationships we come to experience in this life,  the one most rewarding and fulfilling is the one we come to develop and communicate with ourselves.  We are all time travellers on a journey from the past to the future. While we can only go at one speed and in one direction at a time, our minds tend to trek all over the place and our thoughts get far more involved with yesterday or tomorrow, than they are with today. We lose track of our soul’s greatest desires, heart’s clarity, and our mind’s place of peace.

Clarity and communication go hand-in-hand. We find that through communicating with others we somehow and over time discover that our own communications in the world are highly influenced by the certainty of our relationship with our own voice.  When this reveals itself, a quiet confidence looms over us as it delivers a message of reassurance and truth.  All the clouds that loom over our horizon have silver linings – not just the romantic or conventional ones that connect in general with items, situations and people that somehow define “who we are”, but the one most enriching is the one that connects us to the relationship we have with ourselves.

Passions and moods are not logical. Our feelings rarely ask us reasonable questions like, “Have you got time for this, right now?” You cannot change or fully control some of your deepest passions and profound reactions, but you can at least negotiate with them in an effort to finding inner peace. These deeply rooted passions can take over a large part of your heart if they really need to, but they must agree not to absorb all of your time, energy, and attention. Often times we need to clarify the difference between the things, people, or circumstances that are good for our rebirth, growth, and peace of mind, with that of the things, people, and circumstances that are not.

People dont always mean what they say or say what they mean, and people don’t always augment the most positive or most beautiful qualities we possess.  If we are not careful, we can unknowingly discard how truly amazing, extraordinary, and intelligent we are.  This usually happens when our sense of self doubt becomes stronger than our sense of self love;  we must keep in mind that at the end of the day, the most important person isn’t the one who’s sitting beside us – but the one who’s in the mirror.

I find wisdom and empowerment through self-love. Dealing with yourself, your challenges, your circumstances, loving yourself, are all what make you stronger – what make you the most noteworthy you. Through communicating and loving myself, I never feel as if I have to fill myself up with food, medication or alcohol, because I try to understand that the relief through this kind of empowerment can never come from someone else; it can only come from me. Through making a shift in my own physiology I trust and understand that I am indeed enough.

The coming clouds are so potentially positive. Stop, look and listen carefully to your inner voice. Trust yourself and value your worth. If you cannot modify your relationships with other people, you can certainly modify the relationship you have with yourself. After all, all there is – is YOU.  Peace begins with you.

Love, Light, and Peace for your Tuesday. International Peace Day, September 21, 2012

Reference Commentary of September 21, 2010:Sapphire Synergy/June 8, 2010: The Validity of Value

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