Rochelle Soetan Closes Out Women’s History Month with Keepers at the Gate, one of 52 Memoirs within New Book, “Tuesday Morning Love” which Releases this Tuesday, March 25th on with a 24 hour Free Download promotion.

“Tuesday Morning Love” is a compilation of memoirs on transformation, adversity, motherhood, breast cancer, sexual assault, racial color lines, forgiveness, gratitude and above all – love. These inspiring anecdotes are designed to be a guide through the journeys of life, love, and enlightenment. The undertones in the stories of “Tuesday Morning Love” are empowering and life-changing from week to week and offer opportunities for stimulating dialogue, diverse opinion, and spiritual growth.

Week 9 of “Tuesday Morning Love” is entitled Keepers at the Gate – an ode to, “the persistence, passion, and personal bravery of women” throughout the centuries. Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

Throughout history women of all nationalities have been the keepers at the gate. The month of March bequeaths us with a responsibility to redeem our spirit, reflect on our journey, enlighten, honor, and embrace the considerable progress of women who came before us, and teach the women who will follow us. Queens of the past gave us much to consider and left us with great legacies to model and continue to employ.

We remember our grandmothers who worked outside of the home yet kept our families grounded; our mothers who stitched our dresses from patterns of scratch and made canned preserves from the fruit we picked off the trees in the backyard; and now there is us – the present-day keeper at the gate who will continue to serve in capacities as mothers, sisters, community advocates, organizers, wives, grandmothers, caregivers, mentors, leaders of change, and guardians of our sisters. We are our sisters’ keeper and eventually, we realize just how many hats we wear and that our obligations are varied, necessary, and divine.

Women revolutionize. Women lead. Women are strong. Women make a difference. Women are phenomenal.

While signing a proclamation that officially designated the month of March as Women’s History Month in the United States, President Barak Obama said, “My Administration has elevated the rights of women and girls abroad as a critical aspect of our foreign and national security policy. Empowering women across the globe is not simply the right thing to do; it is also smart foreign policy.”

The forces behind “Tuesday Morning Love” include extraordinary contributors who have shared their personal stories on life, love, and learning. Among these jewels are: Robert N. Brown – Concert Promoter, Producer, Actor, and Model Manager; Suzzette E. Crawford – Domestic Violence Survivor, Mother, and Poet; Cheryl L. Maloney – Creator and Publisher of Simple Steps Real Change Book, Magazine, and Talk Show; Jarvis Talley – Artist and Spoken Word Entertainer; Chima Obinna – Author of Play Your Game and Soccer Connoisseur, and Lawrence Graham – Widower, Father, Director at Verizon.

Having had the rare opportunity to talk with each of these soldiers, Soetan says, “As a community – we learn as we lead.” These contributors bring to “Tuesday Morning Love” a new way of looking at the audacity of restoration and inspiration.

When asked why she allowed herself to be so transparent within the book, Rochelle Soetan expressed, “I share my personal challenges because they are therapeutic and necessary – for someone else’s journey aside from my own. I share so that others may find refuge, strength, inspiration, and mutual support.”

Blanche Williams, author, speaker, talk show host, life coach facilitator, and founder of the National Black Women’s Town Hall Meetings, provides stirring affirmations known as Daily Greatness Reminders, as referred to in her former radio show, Greatness by Design, and for each commentary within the book. Blanche eloquently refers to Tuesday Morning Love as: 

A book of “love letters” that provide that necessary moment to exhale the toxic and inhale the sunrays of pure delight.

The initial release of Tuesday Morning Love is now available in eBook. Hard copies to follow on

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For more information or to schedule an interview with Rochelle Soetan, Please Contact: Leris Bernard, LGB Productions, (202) 234-0312 or- speakers(at)lgbproductions(dot)com

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