May 13, 2014: Give Quietly

Global Civility Awareness Month

Guest Commentary by Eric Thompson, Director of Leadership Development at CivilSchools

“A message to the graduates”


“Graduation time…this time of year, always inspires me to reflect on how I felt when I was graduating from high school. I was terrified and I seriously did not believe I was capable of stepping into my future.

So far, things have worked out pretty well, however, that 18 year kid filled with fear still makes appearances in my life from time to time. I have had the incredible pleasure to deliver a few commencement speeches over the past few years (which is funny because I had to negotiate my way through high school) and I often think of what would I say if I were giving one this year.

If I could wish one thing for every graduate, it would be self-awareness. People who possess a high level of self-awareness understand how to move from a place of judgement which fuels misconnection, to a place of understanding, which fuels connection.

The distracted world you are entering is craving authentic and meaningful connection. If you are looking to create a life full of meaning and purpose, rich in social capital…Give Quietly.

First learn to give of yourself. Then learn how to give when you cannot receive anything in return. It is much easier to give when you receive recognition than it is to give when no one will know about it. There are mental, physical, spiritual and emotional rewards that come along only to those who give quietly. As you look back on your growth and the people who have influenced you…your parents, grandparents, extended family, teachers, neighbors, friends, coaches….sit with that deep gratitude and know they gave quietly to you. When you find yourself lost or confused about who you are meant to become…give quietly, because it will connect you with an energy force the universe reserves for those capable of investing in others free from expectations.

Give Quietly.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

Eric Thompson is the Director of Leadership Development for CivilSchools in Tucson, Arizona.

ERIC THOMPSONCivilSchools™ empowers educators, students, and parents with the critical tools necessary to build a culture of civility where bullying is not acceptable.

CivilSchools™ interventions are tailored to your community and move beyond a simple focus on punishment and into the realm of transforming your school’s culture.

CivilSchools™ is a comprehensive bullying prevention program that engages all the stakeholders in your educational community to transform culture and climate. Aiming to move beyond an over-simplified focus on bullying, CivilSchools™ empowers educators, students, and parents with the critical tools necessary to build a culture of civility in which bullying is no longer a part of campus climate. Utilizing parent engagement materials, Student UPstander Intervention Trainings, educator professional development, and a 25-week advisory curriculum, CivilSchools™ offers hands-on, preventative tools based on cutting-edge research to get beyond punitive measures and build a framework for preventing bullying before it starts and responding to bullying behavior in more effective ways.

Contact Eric Thompson may be contacted at

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