Commitment and Connection

The Color Psychology Series

Elvis Presley once said, “Truth is like the Sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”

SunLike the goodness of devotion, the Sun encourages us to connect to all that is authentic and divine. And like the nature of trees and plants, the Sun bestows us wisdom, wealth, and a willingness to submit. Because the trees and the Sun have been our silent companions for centuries, they have supported us to seek truth in ourselves, our environment, and our history.  They provide us with the kind of connection that only Mother Nature can deliver – natural and profound.

When the sun is above my eyes, I am able to think clearly with ease and precision. Hypnotized by its intensity, it’s hard to imagine where ‘Heaven’ begins and the sky ends, or if it begins and ends at all. The color of sunrise, daffodils, and daisies, yellow inspires us to feel receptive, self-confident, and awakened. Through and by the Sun, our trust is restored and we are then able to embrace a greater emotional commitment to ourselves.

The great philosopher Plato used the analogy of the Sun to illuminate and illustrate how ‘sight and the visible realm are deficient’. His analogy uses the image of the Sun to help bring life to his arguments and make them more clearly understood. He speaks of the interdependence of the senses and their relationships to one another. In other words, one sense is heightened by another. In order to hear, we must see with the inner eye. In order to see we must taste, and so forth. Perhaps the honest nature of reality cannot be grasped by the ordinary senses. Thus, we should make use of the mind rather than the sensory organs to better understand the higher truths of the universe. Plato references natural light as the ultimate sensor, ‘the Sun’, the primary source of goodness in this world. [ and Google Books]

sunflowersThe virtue of the Sun not only restores clarity to the soul, but also commitment to the body. Foods like squash, carp fish, and sunflowers make way for the improvement of appetite, digestion, and metabolism. Metaphysically, yellow stimulates both the mind and the body with warmth and happiness. The sunflower, also the State flower of Kansas, conveys adoration and longevity. Naturally, their open faces symbolize the Sun itself, welcoming light, veracity, and endearing devotion. As well, the oil produced from sunflowers is a healthy source for cooking, baking and natural home remedies.

Graciously beneficial like the Sun, bananas help to overcome depression, induce restful sleep, and relax the muscles. As well, similar to the advantages of the Sun, lemons rejuvenate the skin and lend the face a glow. When infused in water, lemons pave a way for weight loss, lower the risk of stroke, combat cancer, reduce wrinkles, increase iron absorption, boost the immune system, lessen pain in arthritic joints and help prevent asthma. Lemons have an intense flavor and like the Sun, they supply a concentrated amount of morality to our overall well-being.

Archaeologically and culturally, yellow has been found to both contrast and compliment the color black, thus, symbolizing eternity and transfiguration. As it corresponds to Yin and Yang, yellow arises out of black as the earth arises out of the primal waters and is the color of the center of the universe.

Whether the Sun is resting clear in the clouds of California or glossing the green trees of Costa Rica, the spiritual journey of the Sun bestows us a benevolent connection and balanced commitment. Our most powerful source of light, the Sun blesses the growth of fruits, vegetables, grains, and the development of animals and the human race. After all, we cannot survive without it. When united, it soothes our nerves, boosts our mood, and heals us – emotionally and physically. Because the Sun is the most effective healing agent that exists, its ultraviolet rays serve as a natural antiseptic to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeasts, and mites on the surfaces of the skin. Its’ influence encourages better circulation and the production of more red blood cells, which increase the amount of oxygen for and through our skin. The more natural light we intake in a single day, the more our melatonin output increases in the night.

From the blue twilight skies when we sleep to the yellow sanction of the Sun when we rise, the charming color of yellow organically motivates our connectivity and obligations. The sunrise supports our hope and optimism – in the world and in a single day. Cheerful and sincere, the positive light from the Sun draws out the extroversion in us and helps us focus our attention on socialism, simplicity, and sustenance.

Another medium for spiritual nourishment is practicing sunrise yoga. It is an excellent way to ‘filter’ the air and the perfect time of day to orient and ground yourself in your intentions. Just as the Sun is centered in the Earth, the solar plexus area is centered in the torso, just above the stomach and just below the chest and lungs. This chakra enhances personal power, self-esteem, and emotional release. This is an important connection to the Sun because its focal point and meditative color…is yellow.

The mellow color of yellow surrounds us everywhere. It can be found in daisies, sunflowers, beeswax candles, stones, and even used on your bedroom wall. Its surround sound induces loyalty, calmness, healing from illness, friendship, and overall quality of life.

“As the Sun illuminates the visible with light, so the idea of goodness illuminates the intelligible with truth.” – Socrates

The truth of the Sun shines new every day. So strong is the commitment – so deep is the connection – that we should simply continue seeing the light as new opportunity and possibility, and as a genuine symbol of all things dazzling and divine. Commit to connect with your inner vision. Delicate and delightful like the sunflower, you can sanction the hope – and the Sun – in your direction.

Stay in the light.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

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