Author Spotlight: Jules Mitchell Bailey

Author of "Champion Bubbles" Jules Mitchell Bailey
Author of “Champion Bubbles” Jules Mitchell Bailey

Growing up in a politically motivated community just outside of Jamaica’s old capital, Spanish Town, Jules Mitchell Bailey is no stranger to the everyday challenges of life in the ghetto. Although she has been living in the United States for almost 20 years, the experiences of growing up in such a community still linger with her.

She has brilliantly used her experiences to make her fictional novel, “Champion Bubbler” hilarious, intriguing and engaging to her readers. Set in Jamaica, “Champion Bubbler” is the story of Mercedes Ford, a young woman who was affectionately called Bubbler. She left the inner-city ghetto of Kingston to dance in a club in the tourist resort area of Montego Bay. Bubbler caught the attention of the club owner, Danny, who sought her help in managing the club. He was busy with an undercover business and did not have the time to manage both businesses. An incident at the club brought Bubbler and Danny closer and a romance developed. At the same time, she was also in love with Greg, a German tourist, whom she first met on the beach. Torn between two lovers, Bubbler believes the universe brought her and Greg together and her heart ached to be with him even though she was always with Danny.

This is a story filled with love, disappointments and gut-wrenching pain as one of Bubbler’s lovers was brutally ripped away from her. It also depicts a young woman full of life and humor, with an air of confidence and determination, as she sets out to seek revenge against those who she believes wronged her. Woven throughout the novel, you will find portrayal of the spirit of the Jamaican culture and life in the inner-city ghetto. This novel will not only capture your attention, but will also move your heart. Below is an excerpt from new thrilling debut novel Champion Bubbler.

Excerpt from thrilling debut novel “Champion Bubbler”

Debut Thrilling Novel "Champion Bubbler"
Debut Thrilling Novel “Champion Bubbler”

I took a back seat at the club and slowly sipped on a glass of White Rum and Coke. This was not my usual drink, but I needed something strong that night to help me sort out my emotions. Watching Kenya on stage dancing reminded me of how I used to have the crowd begging for more. Dressed in her five-inch heels and skimpy, two-piece red bikini that had her butt cheeks hanging out, she twirled her slick chocolate-brown body as she teased the crowd. I was having a withdrawal moment watching her. I so badly wanted to step right up on that stage, drop my clothes and reclaim my position.

Danny did not want me to dance anymore. “To hell with Danny,” a voice in my head shouted.

“What was he doing anyway? He had been in St. Elizabeth the last three days claiming to be taking care of business there. Was he still sleeping with his son’s, Damion, mother?” I wondered.

“Is that the reason why she acts so stupid every time she sees me with him–always spitting fire and trying to cause an argument with him? No wonder his sister, Thelma, always had attitude toward me. She would have known if her brother was still sleeping with her best friend. To hell with all of them.” I thought.

It had been three months since Greg left Germany for Dubai and I had not heard from him. At the beginning of every month, the money he was sending to pay the condo’s rent would be in the account I had set up, but no phone calls. I could not even go home and call him if I wanted to because I did not have a number. I signaled the bouncer to my table and asked him for another glass of White Rum and Coke. He looked at me surprised. They all knew I hardly drank any hard liquor. He held back what he was about to say and went and got me my liquor.

Feeling sorry for myself and all twisted up in my head, I looked over at the table next to where I was sitting and saw two dudes drinking and staring at me. I flashed them a smile and then shifted my attention back to the stage as Kenya continued to woo the crowd. The dudes got up; one walked toward the bar and the other came to my table. “Hey beautiful,” he said. “Can I join you?” I jerked my shoulder to say “I don’t care.” He started talking but I had no idea what he was saying because my mind was all wrapped up into what the hell Danny was doing and why Greg wasn’t calling. The bouncer kept passing by the table and the dude kept talking and I was wrapped up in my own world that I paid no attention to any of them.

About half an hour later, the dude realized that I was not interested in conversing with him so he got up and leave. As soon as he left, the bouncer came over and said, “Danny said I should take you home.”

“What the hell! Does Danny think I am a child that I can’t get my ass home whenever I am ready to?” I shouted at him.

Without saying another word, he just held me by my hand and gently lifted me out the seat and guided me toward the door. I didn’t fuss; I didn’t try to fight him; I just did what he wanted me to do. I didn’t want to create a scene and I realized he didn’t either. He walked toward his car and opened the door for me.

“What about my car? I am not leaving my car,” I told him.

He said, “Don’t worry about it. Just give me the key and I will take care of it.”

He drove out the parking lot and headed in the direction of my house. We sat in silence the entire way. When the bouncer reached my house, he opened the door and once I was inside he closed the door again and left. I collapsed on the sofa in the living room and was knocked out.


More About Jules Mitchell Bailey…

JMB HeadshotBailey, a graduate of the Howard University School of Communications in Washington, DC and the Troy University MBA program, has been writing in her profession for more than 15 years. She has served as editor for several company-related newsletters to include, Capstone Action News (Howard University), Make Contact (Carter & Associates), and The Georgia Purchaser and The Supplier Source (Georgia Department of Administrative Services).

While attending Howard University, she was one of ten students hand-picked by the former Chair of the Journalism Department, Phillip Dixon, to participate in a specialized reporting and writing class sponsored by Bloomberg News in Washington, DC. According to Bailey, this course not only prepared her for a career in writing, but has also been the training that helped to exemplified her in the workplace. In addition to her formal writing assignments, Bailey has been writing fictional stories for many years. She has decided to share her stories with the world through her first published novel. Jules Bailey lives in Georgia with her husband and three children. She works as a marketing communications professional.

To connect with Jules Mitchell Bailey:

For Interviews and Media Appearances:
Contact: (301) 452-3837
Amazon: Champion Bubbler

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