A Message from the Publisher

Rochelle TRIBUTEDear Friends,

Tuesday Morning Love the blog began with an inspiring e-mail from a friend…and an idea. The idea was to design a platform where communicators, like me, could connect with communities in a way that was authentic and perceptive, yet audacious and inspiring. It was a cosmic assignment in November 2009 and one that would catapult into a distinctive manifesto of love, light, learning, and life support.

Upon the concept of the blog, I was inherently embarking on a considerable journey of mindfulness and discernment. I was continuing to raise my two children as a single mother, honoring my near third decade as a nonfiction writer, poet, and activist, persevering through life’s stressors, and observantly finding my way through the world. I was getting back in tune with the greeting of the sun and the motioning of the moon, while exploring deeper meditation practices through various forms of self-expression. It was the beginning of a deliberate journey and soon to be an unimaginative weekly routine. And like the summoning of most divine assignments, I often wondered if I had the bravado, tenacity, and strength of mind to adhere to what the universe was asking me to do. It was personal – and definitely unexpected.

Perhaps, it wasn’t the e-mail or the idea that inspired the movement of a million miles – as much as it was the timing. Timing is everything and the configuration of what was to come became clearer through more inspiring communications, including unexpected conversations with strangers on the street, chance discussions in the hallways of my workplace, and random people who wanted – or needed – to tell their stories too. Through many of those experiences I discovered that people have stories and stories are what connect us – to ourselves and one another. I believe that the connections of our travels emerge from a yearning to comprehend, an entryway for transparency, and an appeal for communal healing. These are the threads that weave the bonds we come to embrace.

This commitment has made Tuesday Morning Love a universal healing well and reservoir of gratitude for those who engage. The essence of Tuesday Morning Love’s commentaries has cascaded from one small circle to a sizeable community, now remarkably reaching more than 45 countries worldwide. As a writer and student of psychology and philosophy, I examine a wide variety of subject matters that explore the questions and answers of personal growth that emerge from the challenges of everyday life. I share my very personal experiences because they are therapeutic – and necessary – for others’ journey aside my own. I strive to compose credible and thought-provoking commentary so that others may share diverse perspectives, provide insight, employ daily solutions, and find refuge, inspiration, mental strength, and mutual support.

Tuesday Morning Love symbolizes love, light, energy, and yes – life support. Since its inception to present, the creative guests writers on Tuesday Morning Love have represented the brightest source of light and community through consciousness, contribution, and culture. As well, the extraordinary conversationalists on Tuesday’s Tool Time have shared their pathways, confidences, and creative channels to success. Collectively, Tuesday Morning Love creates possibility where there is doubt and light where there is isolation. By merging creativity into all human endeavors, Tuesday Morning Love is the bridge that bonds communicators with communities.

Tuesday Morning Love is synonymous with synergy. Just like the rise of the Sun, the blog aims to produce features that unlock the mind’s potential, strengthen the heart, warm the spirit, and elevate the soul. I have grown to love Tuesdays for what they truly are for me – transforming and triumphant. Inside each of us resides the greatest gift of giving ourselves. Through personal sketches and uplifting experiences Tuesday Morning Love invites you to become a passionate correspondent, leader, and facilitator whose life radiates optimism and mindfulness into the world.

6STARSHappy 6th Anniversary Tuesday Morning Love! My gratitude overflows to all of you who have taken a seat and been a passenger, contributor, supporter and reader of this movement. Your continual engagement and support is invaluable. It is really because of YOU that the love and light continues to flow. Yes, what the world needs now is love. Tuesday Morning Love. Let’s keep the light shining and love flowing through the next six years!


Always with love and light,

Rochelle Soetan
Author and Creative Publisher
Tuesday Morning Love/Tuesday’s Tool Time™

Sunrise Image courtesy of Michael Libbee Photography  www.michaellibbephotography.com

Copyright © 2009-2015. All rights reserved. Tuesday Morning Love is a trademark of Wind of Light, LLC




2 thoughts on “A Message from the Publisher”

  1. My dear Rochelle, Congratulations… Your positivity, creativity and light is a gift to the world that also touches and encourages so many others… TML Rocks! And is sure to gather momentum and rock on for many years to come… All power to you.. With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com


    1. My dearest Scottie, It would be inequitable of me to overlook the significant contribution you have made over the years – to my life – and this platform. You are a great part of the light that travels through these branches of love. Thank you for getting on – and staying on – this journey for so long. TML appreciates you! Always with love & light, Rochelle


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