TML 6th Anniversary Commentary Tribute

six-stars-d75447104For six years a collaboration of writers, authors, poets, visionaries and thinkers and light leaders have traveled through the pages of this platform. Tuesday Morning Love honors these voices with gratitude, love, and light.



HILLIS PUGHHillis Pugh: Author of “Thank You Thursday”

The Conscious Body

Today, have an appreciation for The Conscious Body.

The conscious body and being body conscious are one in the same. How? They are both being aware of self in the many aspects. Funny how the reversal of words can change the focus on the meaning. Read more:


Krissy BioKristina Neal-Mosley: Poet

Sparks of Gratitude

She birthed laughter through rhythm and prayer
Collected her past, of wooden stones.
Her crooked places spoke of a grace that she had found.

Goodness is free
We are half lighted moon’s sparkling,
transcending the oceans within.

Let love be easy and gentle
only then, we can
reflect light.

Visit Kristina here:
I believe in Open Doors -India Arie


Beverley Golden: Author of “Confessions of A Middle-Aged Hippee” 

A Little Gratitude Please! It’s Good for Your Health

BeverleyGolden_frame“Throughout history, philosophers and religious leaders have extolled gratitude as a virtue integral to health and well being. Through a recent movement called positive psychology, mental health professionals are taking a close look at how virtues such as gratitude can benefit our health. And the results are very encouraging indeed.” Read the entire article here: A Little Gratitude Please…




AkoshiaAkoshia Yoba: Writer, Huffington Post Blogger, Social Commentator, and the co-author of “Please Return My Phone Call: Preventing the Demise of Personal and Professional Relationships”, which she co-authored with her brother, actor and activist Malik Yoba.

Everyday Philanthropy: The Art of Giving During Uncertain Times

How can we practice philanthropy, in a climate of ongoing discussions about national budget deficits, dismal unemployment statistics and forecasts of global economic uncertainty? Continue reading here: Everyday Philanthropy…


Rochelle Soetan: author, writer, life coach

Finding the Light in Little Things: excerpt from the book “Tuesday Morning Love” 

It was the season of Thanksgiving 2013. Leaving the office one late afternoon, I met a Rochelle TRIBUTE woman, who was resting with her adult-size French poodle on the pavement of a downtown metro station. She asked for currency, but I proceeded to walk toward the escalators on my way home after an exhausting day of work. Before I could take another step, I consciously decided to turn around and acknowledge her. She smiled, and began to tell me of her past and how she once served as an English teacher. She shared with me her hopes of returning to that life, as a teacher, as well as her goals for moving forward with the funds she’d collected. Continue reading here: Finding the Light….

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Love and Light for Your Journey!

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