All the Time in the World

By Rochelle Soetan

We live in a world which teaches us from an early age that resources are limited. This notion is not exclusive of patience, love, security and time. Understandably so, in some respects, there is only a certain amount of time that any human being has available to them, and experienced adults often impart this concept upon the young adults that trail them. Possibly, too, there’s only a certain amount of patience, although, with practice, you can develop a great deal of that. And so it is with wisdom, you can take what time you have and stretch it to the point where you can actually argue that you do have all the time in the world, and all the time that you need.

When we place ourselves under pressure, we make a great mistake, because we somehow cause that pressure to become self-perpetuating. Like our restriction of time, we narrow down our options, instead of opening them up. And if we do this with time, we do it also with love and money. We look at what we believe is available to us. We assume that whatever happens in our world, there will only ever be a certain amount of it, and there’s always likely to be less of it – rather than more – and there’s always likely to be a problem attached to it. When we do this, we unconsciously put ourselves in a defensive mode of thinking – which might or might not enable us to live within our budgets – but which also prevents us from expanding and reaching out for the opportunities which are available to us. When the opportunity to generate wealth presents itself, it is not necessarily saying that you will be showered with pennies from heaven, but it does mean that there is the chance for you to increase your level of material stability and security. And in order to do that, a part of you has to have some confidence in what you have to offer, and in what the world may have to offer you.

The universe offers the gift of time, however, if you keep looking at all that you can see so far, then you will see no further than that which you have already seen. Now, admittedly, if you start dreaming wild dreams and scheming wild schemes, there’s going to be no great progress either. But if you take a practical view and begin thinking “what if I were to try this, or explore that, or see whether or not there’s something down this avenue which looks like it may lead somewhere”, headway can be achieved. You don’t need to persuade yourself that you can somehow snap your fingers and manifest gold from thin air. The magic you possess is inside, and there are ways in which you can draw more wealth into your world, and too, ways to make the wealth you already have last longer, go further, and mean more to you. These are the gifts which the skies freely give, but they’re not the only gifts.

The same principles that apply to issues of wealth and time, apply to issues of the heart. We tend to look at the world and see it as a place of narrow and limited resources. We imagine that there is only but so much time, love, and money available. Actually, if you ask people who study the economy, they’ll say that the whole thing is a great nebulous business, and that there’s probably as much money as anyone ever cares to imagine, and then some. But somehow, because people don’t think that way, it doesn’t happen for them. That’s certainly true of patience. It’s certainly true of love. It’s certainly true of all those other things, too, which seem as though we can only get a small amount of, and never quite enough to satisfy us. Somehow, there’s as much love in this world as you ever want to feel, if you go to the right place inside yourself and be willing to find it. There’s as much patience within you as you could ever want to draw on, if you’re willing to find a way to draw on it in the right way. And likewise, with what you need materially, there’s everything you need to support you, but you have to have some faith in the notion that it exist. Time truly matters, but what matters most, is not how much time you have, but what you do with the time you have. That can make all the difference in the world, your world.

The Equinox and September’s sapphire skies now encourage you to seek the balance you need, make a new start, and seize opportunities for growth, patience, love, and personal success. You have your flaws and foibles, just as you have your talents, strengths and motivations. It’s now important to remember that, even though you are not perfect, you have nothing to apologize for, and every reason to expect success.

Embrace the change of the season. View your current landscape with a different perspective. Explore fresh pastures. Break new ground. This is an abundant world. To make the most magic with your time in the forthcoming and final quarter of the year, use what you already have available.

Splendidly, you have all the time in the world, and all the time you need.

Love and Light for your September!

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2 thoughts on “All the Time in the World”

  1. Precious words, my dear friend – suffused with a knowing TML wisdom that I have come to cherish… Thanks so much for the invaluable reinforcement… You shine a light in the world, for sure… With Best Wishes Scott


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