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Changing of Position

beam me upAs the world turns, so do the things we view. I grew up in an era where we watched television on one thirteen inch RCA screen. On any given day, you could turn on the TV set and see the original episodes of Star Trek, unconventional and extraordinary. Captivated by the crew of the USS Enterprise, in virtually every episode, you’d see someone pick up the little communicator device and say to the bridge of the starship, “Beam me up Scotty!” And just as the alien monsters were about to get them, and just when it was about to become all too intense, there they would be, safely spirited away from danger. Even today, I’m certain many of us wish we had access to such transcendent devices.

Much like the unknown worlds explored in that iconic series, we dwell in a mysterious world too, friendly and hostile alike, and full of many people who have had to change their priorities, positions and perspectives. The notion of transforming lies within us all, regardless of what we grew up watching on TV. We all yearn to escape the scenarios that are too much for us. We all wish we could dematerialize and rematerialize somewhere else, with the hope of arriving at a different scenario, in a different space of time. Of course, physically, that’s not very likely to happen but psychologically, it’s quite a different story.

When we talk about absenting ourselves from various situations, we often mean it in a way that isn’t particularly positive. We talk about becoming distracted or going into denial or refusing to recognize what’s happening because we don’t like the look of it. But there’s another kind of escape that comes when we say, “I want to escape the way in which certain factors make me feel. I don’t want to stay tied to attitudes I’ve had in the past, beliefs which I’ve always hung on to, and ways of behaving which I fall into without thinking twice, but yet, don’t necessarily advance my purpose.” Similar to Captain James T. Kirk, we would like to be open-minded enough to see the world through fresh eyes. We’d like to be clear enough, relaxed enough, so that when a development occurs and we don’t like the look of it, instead of saying, “Right, that’s it! Beam me up and out of here before the monsters get me” we stand our ground, rid of the fear and look the monsters in the eye and say, “What can I do for you?” And the monsters will respond, “You can stand still while we eat you.” But on the contrary, they aren’t monsters. They’re simply other entities that look a bit like monsters, until you get to see them more closely for what they really are.

That takes courage, and courage is not something we summon through great anger – but through great love and trust – in ourselves. That’s the kind of courage that moves us along in life. That’s the kind of courage that wants the best for us, but in order to benefit from it, we’ve got to accept the idea that the best is what’s wanted. Then we’ve got to be able to identify what the best is so that we can comply with it, so it can work for us, so that the gift that’s being given to us doesn’t end up being wasted.

Unfortunately, there is no such communication device to transport you to another scene. There is no running away that can be done, however, there is some changing of a position that you can seemingly employ. While you cannot alter anyone else’s attitude, you can alter an aspect of your own. Your magic doesn’t lay in the passage of a space portal but in the trust you have in your heart. Dismiss the shape-shifting, salt-craving creatures called fear. You can overcome that bit of you that feels fearful or resentful about events that have occurred in the past that would appear to have left you in a precarious position. But your position may not be as precarious as you imagine. There is still a lot to be grateful for, both in the past and in the present.

The most beneficial aspect of change is in knowing that you have the ability to alter your point of position at any time, psychologically, if not physically. You own the power of your mind, your thoughts, your ideas, your creative space and your ambitions. Reposition those things that make you feel less inspired and they will become less obvious. More importantly, allow that perspective to guide you with wisdom, so that the choices you make now are not based on a desire to attain or accommodate some temporary victory, rather, give you greater strength and greater fulfillment throughout your journey.

As the world turns, stand back. Take a moment to breathe. Change your position. Appreciate the sunset. Recognize the magic.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

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