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August 7, 2012: Deeper Insights/Wiser Investments

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real. ~ Deepak Chopra

Ten months ago, I took a leap of faith and ventured out on a geographical detour. I shelved everything from my residence to my employment and exited a place I had known as home for more than 25 years. Though circumstantial, I imagined this transitory crossing would expand my consciousness, challenge my greatest fears, deepen my faith, and ignite many of my deeply rooted passions that had been lying dormant for some time. And it did – just – that.

Whenever space, time, and energy would afford, I would sit in silence like a bird, Indian-style, in the grit at the oceans dry landing, curl my toes in the sand, close my eyes, capture in a lungful of the smell of the salt water, and embrace the blanket of beauty that surrounded me. Neptune Beach soon became my cosmic sanctuary.

I recall one early morning as I sat in meditation, the oceans waves rolled toward me like the rattling of 10 tambourines. I watched the sky sweep its drapery across the clouds as it darkened and I witnessed the belly of the sun sink. It was fortifying. The warmth of God’s wide world of wonder smiled at me as it disappeared in the distance. As I meditated on the things I needed to modify, the things I needed to believe in, the things I needed to sanction, I was ever so grateful for the many miles I had traveled; not only to this place but also throughout the course of my lifetime. Recollections of both fear and faith announced themselves, one by one, and they were significant to my existence and journey. It was a magnitude of humility that challenged me that day and it was the change that was necessary – but not necessarily the one I was looking to find.

The reflections of that morning were as distinguishable as the dusky blue sky. I considered all that I had invested in and was temporarily leaving behind: the dearest of family, beloved friendships and their valued moments of connectivity and support, employment gone awry, and the challenges and beauty of a potential loving partnership that afforded one short year after reconnecting behind 21 very absent years. I measured the economic and emotional quandary that forced me to initially consider this very brave reposition – not realizing it was the voiceless portal to a more rewarding present moment. As I sat there, the actualities kept coming, taking me to places adjourned but never forgotten; but I found peace in that moment – light, appreciation, understanding, and love.

The waters beneath a cloudless November cleansed my spirit that day. Hindsight, no matter the splendor or tribulations, that 360 degree voyage encompassed of the travelling miles of 16 hours, the crossing over of more than 5 states and 725 miles, helped me to learn how to begin taking small steps instead of giant leaps; how to courageously end one journey and begin another; how to invest time, energy, and heart into the things that mattered most; and how to appreciate a road less traveled.

Journeys are fascinating, necessary, and important. They grant us stamina at the starting point, esteem for the interim, and introspection for the long haul. What I discovered most is that travel is not the only experience that can broaden the mind. The most repetitive or least inspiring situation can be filled with enthusiasm and discovery if the person at the center of it is determined enough to make magic happen.

The reasons, seasons, and divine order of our lives bring clarity, rescue, restoration, and rebirth to our spirit. Just as the ocean we respect and the stocks we invest in continue to flux, so do our deepest desires and truths. We forget that each new day affords us an opportunity to begin again. Just as every day we have to eat and every night we have to sleep, our physical lives are full of processes that we must repeat and experiences that we must keep on having. Our emotional lives too, often require repetition and renewal because we simply cannot live on the memory of a feeling, no matter how profound.

How deep are your commitments? How wise is the energy you invest in them? August comes with a new attitude – about the present AND the future. Have no regrets about things you could have done differently or things you shouldn’t have done at all. No worries, just remember that every season has its place and purpose. The gift of any experience is equally paramount as the indulgence of the wisdom it bears. August now prepares you the benevolent opportunity to learn more about yourself, your potential to be successful, and your ability to deepen the most essential and wisest investment of all – YOU.

Love and Light for your Tuesday. Happy August.