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The Color Psychology Series

The Color Psychology Series

by Rochelle Soetan


Whistling, dancing, and clapping like one trillion overjoyed church fans, the ocean’s waves ceremonially spool in with the wind and twirl out with amnesty and accord. North, South, East to West they motion the moon and sanction the sun to give rise to their emotional tango. A majestic sound of unity, the flux tucked in the ocean and the blue hue of the sky command us to appreciate their universal offerings. Each day, blue and new, the sky and ocean consecrate our approach with gratitude and dependability. [Read More…] Oceans of Emotions

The Earth produces many things to help us evolve: biofuels, fossil fuels, oxygen, and energy. It also produces color. The colors surrounding the earth teach us a lot about ourselves through non-verbal communication, such as the influence of plants and trees. The essence of life, death, and rebirth are the strongest symbols stemming from plants and trees. And as humans, plants and trees have various life stages. This scenery of greenery affords us valuable lessons, not only to the process of nature, but also to the course of how we are defined and transformed by it. [Read More…] The Color of Life

Like the goodness of devotion, the Sun encourages us to connect to all that is authentic and divine. And like the nature of trees and plants, the Sun bestows us wisdom, wealth, and a willingness to submit. Because the trees and the Sun have been our silent companions for centuries, they have supported us to seek truth in ourselves, our environment, and our history.  They provide us with the kind of connection that only Mother Nature can deliver – natural and profound. When the sun is above my eyes, I am able to think clearly with ease and precision. Hypnotized by the intense photosphere of the Sun, it is hard to imagine where “heaven” begins or ends, or if it begins or ends at all. When there is a dark cloud hanging low in the sky, you wonder if that’s the best time to perform a rain dance. If you try while the sun is beating down a billion sparkles on the ocean from a bright blue sky, there will be a bit of an awkward delay. Likewise, if you truly want to summon the sun, you’ll do better off waiting until the thunder has subsided. Patience and appreciation for an opportunity, is key. [Read More…] Commitment and Connection

Chakras are energy centers that radiate through the body from front to back. Similar to the healing power of natural stones, the visibility and exposure of pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and emotional energies of the heart. The fourth chakra is located in the HEART, the balance between your body and spirit and the hub for unrestricted love. This instinctive chakra governs the heart and circulatory system, respiratory system, shoulders, hands, arms, ribs/breasts, diaphragm and thymus gland. The heart represents the nucleus of love and security, so when it enters an attack [heart or coronary thrombosis], it is divulging its lack of joy and contentment. Thus, hardening and clutching on to strain and stress. When the fourth chakra is blocked, we feel a lack of love and mental stability. When unblocked, we attract people who give us clarity and purpose and our minds are open to loving kindness.  [Read More…] Positive Possibilities: Think Pink

Where has all the time gone? We are midway into 2017. June 21st brings the Summer Solstice, a shift for balance, enlightenment, and a chance to seize its power to change your life for the better.

love and light for your awareness!

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