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Doors to Deliverance

Modified Excerpt from the book “Tuesday Morning Love” Volume One, Week 21

The pathway to the left leads to a door. The pathway to the right leads to a window. Which is more advantageous? Which is easier to navigate or calculate or contemplate? Perhaps, the distance to each is reasonably equal. And perhaps, too, both provide a treasured opportunity worth exploring. At some point a decision must be reached, an effort considered, and a step taken or we may become stuck there, inopportunely, at the fork in the road. We cannot so much worry as to whether we are making the right choice at the right time or going in the right direction. We need only trust that we are making the right choice, which in essence, is perhaps where we ought to be for that particular time, place or thing.

I don’t know why people talk about ‘windows of opportunities’. Perhaps, they should be doorways through which we can walk through. Maybe that’s the thing about a window, you can squeeze out of it or gaze through it or step into it. Maybe it’s awkwardly positioned. Maybe it’s so compound that you’ve got to climb up a ladder to get to the window or maybe once you jump out of the window, you’ve got to make sure there’s a way of landing softly if it’s from a height. Or maybe the greatest opportunities invariably carry with them a range of risks, an extent of effort or a boldness to be brave. Or maybe too, there are some windows that aren’t worth climbing through because they’re too narrow or too high and could altogether lead you down the wrong road – or out of the wrong window. No matter how bold or brilliant or brave we are, no situation is ever perfect and we are inclined to make mistakes. And sometimes, the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

Mistakes are ok. They keep us human and equalized. Sometimes, it takes us a while to understand that we learn far more from our missteps than we ever do from our anticipated victories, and the recognition is bittersweet. Through the manifestation of time we see that if errors were never made, we wouldn’t quite know how to develop a sense of reasoning to strengthen our minds, begin again, and move our feet in the right direction.

There are many things in life that we could have done, should have done, or not done at all. From time to time, it doesn’t harm us to ponder on these things because they realign our thought processes and bring us to appreciate the principle of trial and error. When we make a mistake, we don’t immediately absorb all that it has taught us because it pains us to dwell on the disappointment. But when we analyze it too deeply we risk getting stuck in it, like that narrow window. Our regrets can overwhelm us and cause us to lose sight of what is really important, which is getting back on the right track.

Regret is most regrettable and there is never any point in feeling guilty. While a mistake of yesteryear may cause much dismay, it gives us much needed staying power to move forward. We can’t ever be so sure that we will completely free ourselves from the past simply by looking forward to the future, but we can be sure that the influence of a new day will grant more opportunities for readjustment, restoration and affirmative direction.

The thing is…every direction provides a journey accompanied by a lesson. And if at some point you managed to step through an erroneous window – have no regrets. There were lessons there too. These lessons teach us that we are all entitled to experience joy and fulfillment in our lives. Some of us have talents. Some of us have great abilities. Some of us have larger than life experiences. Some of us feel as though we don’t experience anything relevant at all – but what we all have are opportunities. Are they equally distributed? Perhaps. Perhaps not. You will have your window of opportunity and someone else will have theirs, but not necessarily at the same time. Come what may, these windows will arise. Or are they doors in disguise to another country?

The beauty of a door is that it lets you know that there is an opening. A window may give way for you to climb through, but a door allows you to walk through. A door can be a symbol of hope, opportunity or new direction. Trust your steps. Trust your choices. And while you’re at it, trust that the window of opportunity will yet lead you to a door of deliverance. It’s near enough to the ground and big enough to get through and worth giving serious consideration to. The mistakes of yesterday are meant to be left behind. Keep looking forward. The distance to that door is closer than you may think.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!

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