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January 8, 2013: What Lies Beneath [Green]

As above, so below. As within, so without. – The Emerald Tablet

feng-shuiWhen a tree is planted it involves a detailed process of intricate steps; it is not just a matter of digging a hole and throwing a tree in it.  In order for the tree to survive and thrive, its’ location, climate, and space must be carefully selected.  From the roots to maturity, its survival greatly depends upon reproduction but also its biological decline.  Without proper potting, mulching, watering or nurturing, the tree will never grow or perhaps die.  Similar, when the natural sequence of events takes place in our lives, what happens to us when we are not properly rooted?  Underneath all of our skin, our facades and cosmetic portfolios, what lies beneath?

The essence of life, death, and rebirth are the strongest symbols stemming from plants and trees, and as humans, trees and plants have various life stages.  In climates where rainy seasons initiate cyclic growth patterns, deciduous trees develop new leaves, expand these leaves and then eventually fall off. This process suggests many human development patterns. The recurring nature of life is embodied in trees, over one season or many.  New growth is observed after winter’s ravages.

Natural history teaches us a lot about ourselves.  Comparable to the process of nature, we can either trust that a process is taking place in its own time…or we can feel as if we need to take control, push for a result, and drive a situation forward with our own sheer determination. People do it every day with some degree of success, albeit a fair degree of wasted energy and related stress.  The thing is – we cannot rush the process of life, but we can utilize the benefits and methods it affords us to evolve with it. One of these methods I believe in is Feng Shui.

More than 10 years ago, I decided to Feng Shui my home for the very first time.  The placement of my plants became a critical aspect because where they were not thriving in one area of the house, they were flourishing in another.  Not ironically, the first cosmic energy “effect” I encountered was with the color of the green foliage.  Green is the color of LIFE.  It is the Feng Shui color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings.  This natural world color can bring tranquility and good luck to any room in your home.  The physiological effects of various shades of green possess the ability to calm the nerves and balance the entire body while bringing positive vibrations from Mother Nature.  Green is known to aid the heart and help bring physical equilibrium and relaxation.  As such, it relaxes the muscles and helps us breathe slower and deeper.

Everything we require comes from the Earth.  The color of growth, healing, and environment, green vegetables such as spinach, collard greens, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, arugula, watercress, radicchio, Swiss chard, endive, lettuce, and peas are all good sources of nourishment that provide our bodies monumental benefits.  Do you remember your parents always telling you to, “eat your veggies?”  Even then, they knew the benefits of “green!”  Green leafy vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and disease-fighting phytochemicals.  They are rich in fiber and an important nutrient for managing weight-loss.  Because they contain a lot of water they help with hydration and provide positive contributions to both the internal and external body.  Vitamins C and E aid our beautiful skin, eyes and hair.  Vitamin K assists our bone health while Vitamin B reduces our risks of heart disease, enhances our memory, and improves our overall mood.  [Source: Joy Bauer, Nutrition Expert]

Reminiscent and the color of nature and springtime, green helps us to let go of fear and embrace change, thus stimulating our mental gymnastics to “leap” with gratitude.  Green represents wealth and growth, but also has a negative undertone as it relates to jealousy and envy.  What remains perplexing is our continuous lack of gratitude and regard for nature and one another.  The particularized greed and envy within our world should be eradicated and replaced with the development for more communal prosperity, as there is plenty of room and need for that.

New York Times bestselling author, Marianne Williamson, provides a unique perspective on our financial condition through the lens of A Course in Miracles in her new book, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles. She reveals a path to abundance by way of a powerful spiritual principle called the Law of Divine Compensation. The Law says that when we lack faith in our higher selves and focus on the negative, we create and perpetuate our own negative circumstances; conversely, when we have faith in God and in love and all that can go right in our lives, we open ourselves to receive the miracles the universe is holding for us. gel bead

Miracles are all around us every day.  The miracle of green has been found to improve reading ability, relieve stress, enhance fertility, and stimulate the healing of all things.  It has been said that those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches.  As well, “green lights” support us in moving forward and “greener pastures” encourage us to explore and experience something brighter or better.  Possessing both a warming and cooling effect, the color green symbolizes balance, harmony, and stability – hence the recharged feeling of newness people often experience at the brink of Spring.

Psychologically, green helps us to balance our emotions and connect with our natural feelings.  People and trees are intimately bound in a personal relationship.  Trees are more than their component wood, leaves, and bark.  While they occupy the physical world, they also occupy a distinctive psychological place in human consciousness.  To further support our psyche, we must have trees to touch, to see, to hide behind, and to know that they exist.  After all, they clean the very air we breathe. These unique and reactive creatures living around us provide us with wooden framing and protection, and even at a distance, keep us in touch with the natural world.

Culturally and historically, trees and forests have been a heritage for us on many levels representing generations, comfort, wealth, and shelter in various communities around the world. In most human cultures, trees are adorned and revered for their strong psychological and social foundation.  From Africa to Ireland, trees were and remain givers of life, food, shelter, and fire. They have provided inspiration and anchors to the greatest artisans of human-kind, from poetry, music, dance, sculpturing and painting from almost every culture. The influence of trees and forests on cultural development should help natural resource conglomerates better understand the attitudes and actions – both public and private – of those individuals and communities in favor of conservation and restoration.  By the same token, the same trees that were lovingly planted in one generation can be unacceptable, hazardous and neglected by another.  Humans often disregard not only the essence, but also the natural necessities that trees and plants bestow us.  This often leads to tree abuse, cultural poverty and devolution.

What lies beneath a tree is a root of history, knowledge, resources and harmony. What lies beneath us is our need to connect with our own tree of life: beauty, gratitude, benevolence, appreciation, and self-love for our mind and body.  Trees have a long life-span and ancient age, are generous host of products and services, are centers of activities for all living things, are aesthetically unique landscape features, and are majestic in life with dignity in death.  We must better educate ourselves on how our ecological systems facilitate our lives, as should we be most gentle with this ancient plant-form and fellow traveler, who has been a soul and a place at our table.

Nurture your tree of life and watch it grow over the years with you, your family, and friends.  Soon, you will see how the possibilities of this New Year provide you with the perfect opportunity to take that Green Giant leap forward.  Go and Grow!

Love and Light for your Tuesday

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