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September 23, 2014: The Sound of Silence

SONY DSCAntonio Porchia once said, “Night is a world lit by itself.”

From dusk to dawn, the silence of the sky bestows us with an inseparable understanding. If we listen quietly, we can hear God speaking. This alliance connects us with everything that is intuitive and divine. The wind of the night blows briskly through the trees and the crickets sound-off their nocturnal appeal. At the beginning of twilight, it seems as if the stars have tucked away their sheen and the clouds are preparing for morning meditation. While the dawn dwindles, the belly of the Sun stays below the horizon. Soon thereafter, the silence of the Sun becomes clear and present for the optimism of a new day ahead.

I love this time of year. It is inspiring to witness the kaleidoscopic shift in the sky from night to day – season to season. The climate changes, our emotional moods shift, family schedules multiply, and an array of other internal and external agendas arise. Due to these types of adjustments this time of year, meditation is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. Morning meditation is best because it helps to center the course of the day and serves as an anchor for direction. If you are treading through life at a very fast pace, meditation can aid to slow the pace and help you to discover those aspects of life that are most imperative. If you have five minutes for a cup of Joe, then perhaps you can consider reserving just five minutes for silent meditation. After all, like that freshly brewed cup of coffee, you owe it to yourself.

Everyone isn’t drawn to the art of meditation but meditation is an art that can improve anyone’s life. Here are some tips that help me to meditate.

  1. Find a quiet space
  2. Acknowledge distractions
  3. Use visualization to create a peaceful place where there is no confusion
  4. Deeply engage the senses to become fully immersed into the daydream
  5. Breathe deeply
  6. Quiet the mind and allow thoughts to come, flow, and go
  7. Acknowledge thoughts without inflicting self-judgment

Meditation is a great time for us to “raise” our consciousness before we raise our heads to begin the day. For me, morning meditation feels like a “return to love.”

Autumn is here, hence September’s Equinox, which provides a universal path from the sun to the moon and in equal lengths. Instinctively, the North and South trade places. On the Northern side of the equator, we begin to observe the color of change from the leaves that will soon fall and permeate back yards, playgrounds, and sidewalks. We say farewell to the birds and butterflies that begin to migrate toward the south side of the sun. We anticipate the scenic walks through the parks that will arouse us to inhale the essence of pumpkins transforming into baked pies topped with cinnamon and ginger. On the Southern side of the equator, the mass movement of red-winged blackbirds take the lead and flowers begin to burst with bloom. On both sides of the equator, this season of the year affords a brief and equal distribution of time when clocks and calendars may vary by zone – but the sun is rising later and nightfall is arriving sooner.

Change in the seasons is necessary just as the change throughout our lives is critical. These turning points are beneficial for both the environment and our cycles of growth. As the leaves are pleasantly changing, so are we. If everything stayed the same, we wouldn’t have an opportunity to branch out like the trees, shed like the leaves, or shift perspective like the sky. The sky is now urging you to be quiet, be positive, and be patient.

Use the power of the Equinox now to balance out all that is unequal. During this season of silence, move along and begin a new chapter. Open the windows of war and welcome in a fresh perspective of peace. Bid farewell to the old season. Focus on what’s affirmative and inspiring and you’ll end up on the right side of whatever it is that you now need to leave behind.

It’s time to rebalance and realign your season for a better future.

Love and Light for your Tuesday. Happy Autumn!

International Peace Day – September 21st