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June 24, 2014: Clearing Some Space

Reformatted excerpt from new book Tuesday Morning Love, Week 39: Clearing Some Space

I consider the day appropriate to commentate on the necessity of making room in our lives for fulfillment: physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reserving time for this kind of awareness has brought me to the present moment of employing many courageous positions in both my personal and professional life. I continue to discover and rediscover the art – and advantage – of transformation.

Transformation is necessary not only to the physical body, but also to the seat of the soul. The soul is a sacred place where your inner home becomes your haven. It is a space for relaxing, relating, releasing and revolutionizing. Such is an example of how renovating the mind relates to that of transforming a physical abode.

Transforming a space can be an exhausting challenge. In fact, it takes a great deal of physical strength and mental energy to recondition a current home or relocate to a new one. And the farther the location is in distance, the greater the anxiety becomes.

“Things” constitute a major problem in most of our homes. The process of cleaning, clearing, packing, and shipping soon becomes an overwhelming mission. Some people accumulate so many large stockpiles of stuff in their homes that it grows to be unbearable. Soon, everything else around them barely exists.

Clutter is a state of mind; physiologically it represents stagnant energy. It can be the things we haven’t done that prey on our minds like returning a phone call, cleaning out a closet, or the ideas and perceptions we hoard which prevent us from employing the things we really want and need to do. Objects, gifts, or items we inherit need recycling but often, we never return gifts or other items due to guilt about parting or some other personal reason.

For one reason or another, we hang on to past experiences, items, relationships, jobs, and situations that no longer serve or nurture our ability to move on. All of these things clutter our heart, mind, and spirit. Letting go of things such as books, clothing items, kitchen gadgets, magazines, newspapers and so goes the list, is not the easiest thing to do. If we are going to open up and let new experiences in we must rid our space of the old and unnecessary. Letting go requires courage, takes time, and makes way for necessary and divine transformation in our lives.

Hoarding and holding on to things tends to be about more than just bad housekeeping or a cluttered home. It often signifies the state of mind and tangled emotions that are going on within the mind and soul of a person. Just as we overflow our closet, area room, or moving truck with items of “stuff” is similar to the way we overload our minds. Hoarding usually starts in a closet, basement or spare room until it eventually takes over every single room of the house. As the mounds of useless items continue to climb toward the ceiling, the home becomes less of a place of comfort and renewal, and more of a space full of mess and distress. The piles of stuff grow larger and each room, one by one, ceases to function.

Much is similar with the way our minds work. When our internal home is cluttered with pessimism, discontent, and chaos, our external surroundings exhibit those issues. When we allow ourselves to accumulate so much disorder within our psyche, negative charges in our spirit and soul sooner or later begin to overflow in excess. Whether we are holding on to a piece of furniture or a piece of “someone” who is not holding on to us – releasing IS essential. When we try to fill a void in our lives or hold on to situations that need releasing, we clutter that space that needs filtering and refinement.

The intervention phase is always challenging. Confronting the issue of hoarding or otherwise is an objective that can only be addressed by the person themselves. Just as well, when we allow our spiritual space to become clogged with debris and emotional toxins, we lose sight of what is most essential. The act of letting go of anything, then, makes us fearful and reluctant and causes us to remain in the position in which we are.

What is in your soul, how you see things, and how you prioritize your thoughts will often have the greatest influence on your resolution and progress. As human beings, we possess an unyielding amount of resilience but often adopt one particular attitude or stance toward a person, place, or thing. Sometimes, we don’t expand our mind beyond its present border and we tend to clutter its space and consciously connect to objects, occurrences, and people that provide us no real balance. How we feel about ourselves, view ourselves, and treat ourselves make the greatest difference in our overall approach.

It’s time to get rid of sitting room furniture. This summer, whether you are relocating or renovating your current residence, clear some space for the light to come in to your mental home as well. Reorder the chamber of your soul. Keep clear of those mountains of “stuff”. Invite clarity – not clutter – into your psychological abode.

Believe it or not, what you haven’t got, you don’t need. Unless of course, what you haven’t got is a reliable understanding of what it is you truly need – which is all the more reason to prioritize the quest for more wisdom and insight.

Clear some space for the next chapter of your life. Make it a great one!

Love and Light for your Tuesday!