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A Satisfactory Conclusion

By Rochelle Soetan

Throughout the history of the human race, the great inspiration has been propagation. Evangelism, for example, supports the desire to convert. It isn’t sufficient to believe something; we must make sure that other people believe it too. Confirmation is required, as is the feeling of being part of an order with divine imperative, which is why religions fight so fiercely and politicians battle so bitterly. Even in our daily lives, we find ourselves caught up in these ridiculous roils about whether this pop group is better than the other, whether this particular fashion trend has more merit than that, which artists we’re going to appreciate, which football team we’re going to support, which movement we’re going to get behind, and on and on and on. It’s all so much, but it’s a funny thing, too, why our loyalties lay where they lay, whether it’s because we we’re brought up a certain way, whether it was or is expected of us, or whether we conclude to put ourselves in a particular position on behalf of the people we feel something for.

It’s important to note that for whatever reason we feel a particular way about a particular situation, there could be a reason why we might feel different. When we don’t acknowledge this and we make no room for it, we put up a barrier so big that in the process, we prevent ourselves from allowing access to some of the things we very much need: the air of change, the wind of possibility, and the breeze that brings the recognition of wider horizons. I mention this because a new horizon brings with it a season of change, not only in the weather, but also in our emotional, mental, and spiritual environments. It is tempting to be swayed down a path of ineffectiveness. Negativity has a kind of magnetism attached to it and there is something vaguely exotic about pessimism. Through many and varied experiences, I’ve learned to never give up on optimism because something appears to seem impossible, hopeless, or even beyond salvation.

The power you have, you own, and all of the merit you seem to give to others, you now need to give back to yourself. When you muster up enough belief, you are able to manifest magic, even in places where logic says there could never be any. You can make miracles happen with just a sheer depth of strength and faith, simply because, you can. Faith and belief in ourselves allows us to decide on who we want to be and why.

There are two schools of thought about how we are to be in life. One, which is very popular and has dominated main stream thought and society for hundreds of years; it all has to do with the survival of the fittest. You’ve got to be tough. You’ve got to strike out before somebody strikes at you. You’d better be on the defensive and look out at every turn for trouble. You’d better guard against people who want to take advantage of you and guard against every position. The other idea is that you can give and keep giving, and be generous and kind and forgiving and honest. All of which are often suggested by only the most saintly of people on the planet. Sometimes, they turn the other cheek, and sometimes, they seem to come to very sticky ends by doing such things, so that’s not much of an advertisement, is it? Or is it? You don’t have to follow anyone or any particular idea, but it’s just not an idea, that if you find kindness in your heart and let yourself be motivated by that, and let that manifest in your world, that you’ll be a better person. It’s a fact that you’ll be a better person. It’s a reality. And the idea that somehow you’ll be a pushover, that you’ll be walked all over, and other people will just notice how quickly they can get what they want from you, is neither here nor there. The point is to not be led by negativity and not to allow what others do – or say – to alter your sense of balance, faith and optimism.

For your own sake, conclude that you have to let go, even the things you’re justified to feel bad about. Do your best. Think your best. Give your best, particularly now, during a time when so much seems to be intensely growing in and around the world. So many challenges seem to be arising and there are choices, all of the time, facing us. Don’t find fault. Don’t over-dramatize. Don’t complain. Don’t fight against battles that aren’t yours. Don’t get on a high horse. This isn’t to say that injustices shouldn’t be addressed and imbalances shouldn’t be redressed. Of course, they should. Of course, you’ve got to function and a part of functioning in the daily world is being aware that there are some battles you cannot walk away from. But even battles that you have to be fighting, you can fight with kindness. You can fight with gentleness. You can fight with some sympathy and sensitivity to the person who’s on the other end, and who likely doesn’t want to fight any more than you do. Surrender and rise above it all. Where it seems that you’re up against antagonism of some kind or a conflicting issue, what you’re actually up against is somebody else’s fear.

A satisfactory conclusion may be that you should be fearless, that you really do hold the cards, and that you own the power to induce the change that you not only want, but so desperately need. You have the strength of mind, passion of heart, and power of probability to alter any situation in your view, close a door, and draw a line. Reach for the great hope. Let there be love. Let there be light. Let there be happiness in your heart, and above all, let there be gratitude. You’ll be amazed by what transpires and inspires you to move forward.

The newness of November suggests that you can embrace clarity, be less afraid, step out into fresh territory, and have a wonderful and productive season ahead.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!