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June 19, 2012: The Power of Positive Transformation

This commentary is a repost of October 25, 2011.

Today, instead of a commentary, a question: “What would you change if you ruled the world? How would you make this a better place and help others? Would you begin by evaluating your own situation – financial, emotional, and spiritual? Would you go on to seek a greater understanding into your life challenges and relationships with others, in order to discover how you can turn all encounters into positive exchanges?”

The commentaries of [October 2011] have been centered on journeys: voyages of the heart, courageous flights of health/quality of life/and the body, and expeditions of the soul. We all like the idea of a life-changing experience, but are often too terrified or inflexible to welcome its’ conversion. Most of us, of course, want these changes to only appear in the most pleasing of fashions. If we suspect that the life-altering event is due to be disagreeable, we will go to great lengths to preserve the status quo. What we realize in the end is that change is unavoidable – therefore we should embrace it. Our obstacles are potentially our most valuable tools for moving us forward.

The power of positive thinking affords us the greatest kind of change – the kind that makes us WHOLE. Your happiness [or discontent] depends primarily on your abilities and the attitude you take in life, and especially on the nature and quality of your thoughts and ideas, which are more powerful than you may imagine. They’re your main weapon in your fight to lead the life you want. Your thoughts influence your environment as well as your existence. True contentment depends on the positivity or negativity of your very own thoughts.

Journeys are meant to transform us in the most positive way possible. Journeys are designed as well, to provide us with imperative elements and significant steps for moving forward and so we should pay more attention to the details of our journeys. Our thoughts and actions need to be as powerful as they are positive. Throughout my journey, I have learned to treat negative thoughts the same way in which I have learned to ride a horse: when a negative idea enters my mind, I let it come; when it goes, I let it leave. Just like a wild horse, you have to calm your negative thoughts. If you let them remain in your mind, they’ll go round and round like a horse trapped in a corral. If you let the horse out, it’ll run as far as it can, and then after a while it will calm down and become quiet. Quiet is where CLARITY resides.

A calm mind is a precious gift to the soul. Positive thinking helps us to achieve the good we want – and the good we ultimately need. The world beneath our feet is constantly moving and changing. With a calm mind, negative thoughts will disappear over time and you will gain more control. It is not necessary to feel limited in any way. It is in coming to terms with your current limitations that force you to go beyond them. As we proceed into the heart of fall, a wind of change is now blowing. The signs and signals that seem to suggest you can’t do – or can’t change – something, are really just invitations to find a way in which you actually can.

Sometimes, it’s just a question of seeing an old situation in a new light; which brings me to one additional question, “What would you create if you could borrow a magic wand? Well, you don’t actually need a wand, incantations, candles, or special phases of the moon. All you need NOW is to exercise your positive powers that be. You don’t need anything else. You can already transform magic. Journey on positively!

A calm mind is a precious gift to the soul. – Rochelle Soetan

Love and Light for your Tuesday.