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Krissy Neal-Mosley: Poet, Author of New Short Edition of Poetry “Seventh Fire”

Celebrating National Poetry Month
20th Anniversary

Ambiance of Love

Electrical dreams are manifested,
Breaking down failures,
Sprouting in faith-
We are tiny miracles.
Over troubled winds –
Thriving through and through,
The sky will lift her sagging breast.
Tidbits of love will pour out – they’ll say it’s rain.
Sparks of laughter will cry and peace will come again.

Seventh FireNonsense

We are trying people
Trying to help somebody
Trying to save ourselves
Trying to better our lives
Trying to do it right
Trying to live
Trying not to die too soon
Trying to be kind
Trying to resist
Trying to stand up
Trying to heal
Yes we are a trying people


Krissy Neal-Mosley is a stay-at-home mother of three beautiful kids ages two, four and six. Her washboards are full of things that she loves: reading children’s books, action verbs, sitting in the bathtub, listening to the sounds of water, and bird watching. As she dives her heat forward – no roadmaps – just coffee and faith. She has been writing poetry and blogging for a little over three years.

headshotShe obtained a Mental Health Degree at Wilberforce University and matriculated on to Widener School of Law to pursue a Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law. She expresses that writing is her spiritual compass as she dances in the mud.




Krissy Neal-Mosley on writing:

“I plop down in the gluey brown puddles. Writing explores intricate dimensions of humane sorrow, joy, and love. I am a motivator driven by kindness; I view my art as unfinished segments of humanity. While I do not have a cut and paste method to my work, my true intention for language and knowledge are to birth kindness in the world. By allowing the imperfection of beauty to speak through me, I am a feminist writer and advocate for happiness.”

In January 2016 Krissy Mosley released her first chapbook of poetry Seventh Fire a short poetic word of strength. She believes that poetry in worship is therapy for the soul. To see a rare flower bloom, over a clever glass of snow, that would ignite a quest for life. Her work is now available for only $2.99 Seventh Fire

To connect with Krissy Neal-Mosley:

Poet for Mother Bethel A.M.E Church, Philadelphia, PA
M.J. Master Jurisprudence Health Law Degree,Widener School of Law
Web: https://visionariekindness.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/krissymosley83

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