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A Powerful Terrain

By Rochelle Soetan

A new season has arrived, not only in calendar time, but also in your personal existence. Its signal places significance on a new voyage that requires new equipment. Just as you cannot drive a car across a lake or sail a boat across the sand, how can you now decide what equipment is best to navigate across a challenging terrain? Are you looking for short-term comfort or long-term clarity? To successfully arrive you must make a choice.

The December Solstice brings an opportunity for clarity in our choices and the formulation of a concrete plan before moving ahead. With each new day we are given another chance to forego the oversights of yesteryear, reflect, breathe, choose and begin again. In understanding how the Winter Solstice, the second solstice of the year, grants us a little more time, we can use this knowledge to reclaim our most profound objectives, needs and realizations. While the natural creative process, which is the sun, gives birth to the universe, it also gives birth to the spiritual being within us. It helps us to awaken and guides our hope, our progress, and our new discoveries.

On this ground you are breathing, thriving, deciding. Do you have a plan? Are you equipped? Is there a map you can download to show you where you’re supposed to be heading? With the new season in place the days will be shorter and the nights will be longer, but the light of chance will always find a way to shine through. If you trust your ability to journey into positive territory, lay the groundwork, and consider possible solutions in all areas of life, you’ll make the right decision. Plan today. Act tomorrow.

If you want a lasting solution for your journey ahead be intentional, be clear, and be strong. Time is on your side. 2018 will soon be here.

Happy Winter Solstice

Love and Light for your Journey!