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A Season of Surrender

by Rochelle Soetan

One of Louise Lynn Hay’s most obvious and constant philosophies was, “When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”

What a profoundly reflective way to look at ourselves and the lives we lead. But in order for everything in our lives to work we must surrender. In order to make the shift, we must relinquish to the universe all repugnance toward ourselves so that we can be guided to our most purposeful position. To surrender doesn’t mean that we are weak or weak-minded, that we quit, or even abandon our ability to be courageous. It simply means that we make a conscious choice on how we want to move forward. Louise Hay became a judicious woman. Through all of her deeply-rooted experiences, she knew more about the law of attraction and harnessing creative powers for growth than many of us choose to understand. I am indebted for her existence and pragmatism during the time she graced this earth.

September is always an interesting time of year. It brings with it a change in climate, flow of energy, shift in psychological perspectives, and modifications to our visual experiences with the sky. The time on the clock dwindles, setting in motion fewer hours with the sun and a reflection of autumn approaching. But even with its wind storms, busy schedules, and series of coastal weather events, attention must be paid. September also affords us a time to reflect, be inspired, increase our spirituality, and practice sincerity. It is a time to look back at all that has brought us to this point, so that we can look beyond ourselves and increase our awareness and perspectives outward.

Sapphire is the birth right color of September. It’s also the color of peace, the ocean, sky, sleep, twilight. The hues of the blues give us a sense of relaxation as we transition into the season of fall, though our current climate doesn’t feel very relaxed at all. We currently reside in a troubled world, one that is exposed to violence, disparities, homelessness, catastrophes, political chaos and an array of unfortunate events. But somehow, we can teach ourselves how to be conscious while learning to block out the chaos and go inward to seek peace, a synergy that sapphire produces.

Be attentive this month to the messages in the sky. They are beckoning us to be better communicators and care givers of life. We are all responsible for the peace we bring to this world. Cultivating personal inner peace is a wonderful place to start in order to give love, discipline and resolve to another. Radiating and mystically connecting with the color blue is a good way to stimulate feelings of clarity, calmness, confidence, and responsibility to ourselves and those we lead.

As Louise Hay wisely states, “We are each responsible for all of our experiences.”

Her words must live on and her lessons must become like shelter for a homeless world. We are the change we wish to see – good, bad, or indifferent. We are the sapphires in the sky. Allow September to guide you with clarity and gratitude.

Love for your Tuesday and your September!