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Happy 4th Anniversary Tuesday Morning Love!!!

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY TML5 starsfaith  courage  empowerment  advocacy  love  forgiveness  awareness light  contentment  adversity philanthropy  strength  connection change benevolence purpose

Rochelle.TML.OneWelcome to the morning – Tuesday Morning! For the past four years, Tuesday Morning Love has generated 135 commentaries engaged by more than 21 countries around the world, from the United States to South Africa. The devoted presence here voices the need for constructive exchange and cosmic connection.

“The real test of compassion is not what we say in abstract discussions but how we conduct ourselves in daily life.” ~ The Dalai Lama

Tuesday Morning Love has birthed a soul and from it, emerged a platform for uninhibited sharing, personal growth, an audacity for inspiration, and deep soul nurturing. From health matters to humanity, greater awareness is the bridge that will facilitate the shift from obliviousness to mindfulness. It is with gratitude and great pleasure that I have traveled here with you, while sharing this altruistic stage of relevance and adoration.

On January 31, 2014, Tuesday Morning Love: 53 Commentaries and Weekly Affirmations to Honor the Soul within the Soldier will be available via E-Book. In lieu of new beginnings in the year ahead, be sure to keep abreast to receive your FREE downloadable copy! Thank you for showing and sharing your love on this daily journey of light. ~ Rochelle Soetan, Author and Publisher

Beverley-online-I-1Tuesday Morning Love is like a long breath of fresh air that you want to keep inhaling.  It stands out as a wonderful example of meaningful substance, in an online world that is full of quick and disposable content.  Rochelle is a thoughtful and authentic soul who shares herself personally and invites others to do the same.  Tuesday Morning Love is an everyday of the week kind of love, not something just for Tuesdays!  I’m grateful to have been both a contributor and now a reader, and so appreciate what TML shares with the world.  ~ Beverley Golden, Author of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie (Canada)

BLANCHE WILLIAMSTuesday Morning Love is helping people fast-forward change. Blanche eloquently refers to TML’s as “love letters” that provide that necessary moment to exhale the toxic and inhale the sunrays of pure delight. ~ Blanche Williams, CEO/President of Greatness By Design LLC/Author/ Speaker/Talk Show Host/Life Coach Facilitator (Palm Beach, Florida)

akoshia-yoba1-e1341318704664Thank you for this celebration and thank you for the call to support the cause and to remind us of the value of peace and wellbeing in all aspects of our lives. ~ Akoshia Yoba, Huffington Post Blogger/Social Commentator/ Radio Host/Co-author of Please Return My Phone Call: Preventing the Demise of Personal and Professional Relationships (New York)

JPG Portrait  Scott_HastieThe sassy professionalism and consistently lively breadth of your coverage at TML, all suffused with your distinctive positive humanitarian take on life is I’m sure truly a blessing to all those who come across it and then keep on coming back for more! ~ Scott Hastie, Author/Artist/Poet (UK)

NIA.1In the wake of Tuesday Morning Love’s 4th Anniversary, it has been a phenomenal journey watching it grow. From commentaries such as “A Civil Concoction” to “The Souls of Heavy Boots”, TML has linked together an invisible thread of connectivity to heal the heart, soul, and community. The Earth, in the feat of evolution, is beautiful, adaptive, and restorative. It is indeed not sentimental or forgiving and it experiences the perils of survival. We, too, are not drivers of our destiny but our instincts can guide – if not cushion – the rise and the fall. Thus, the philosophies of TML warrant us, as creatures of habit, to embrace rather than deny change and to unlock our limitless potential. ~ Nia Imani Chin, Actress (New York)

CHERYL MALONEYTuesday Morning Love is the quiet whisper that says “Where there is love… there is light.” Regardless of the challenges we face individually and globally there is hope and within the pages of this wonderful creation exist the balm to sooth our souls. ~ Cheryl Maloney, Creator/Publisher Simple Steps Real Change Magazine/Best Selling Inspirational Author/Talk Show Host (Camas, Washington) 

HILLIS PUGHTuesday Morning Love is an abundantly filled source of pure love. The composition of the posts represent the stillness of meditation. It gives me much to ponder about the day – and life thereafter. It is a mixing pot of joy! I am grateful to be a part of such beauty in this is grace-filled space. ~ Hillis Pugh, Author of Thank You Thursday (New York)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! More love and light for your Tuesdays ahead!

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