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March 27, 2012: Come On Get Higher!

Just a few steps outside my front door, is a lake, where golden-haired baby ducks, snowy swans, and brunette feathered adult geese float about the surface of the water. From the patio, I often observe their natural habitation and carefree flight of the day. In the earliest of mornings the echo of their quacks, escalate through the window panes to my ears. Nonetheless, they are peaceful in sight but safeguarded in disposition.

Ironically, when I reflect on the geese in the lake, I also meditate upon the eagle in the sky. Both are peaceful, yet one stays close to the current and subtly sits below, whereas the other fearlessly flies high above the clouds. Geese make their presence known in sound; eagles make their presence known in sight. The inability to fly make swans, geese, and ducks easy prey; the temperament, speed, and perseverance of the eagle make him bold, resilient, and dominant. Geese travel in clusters; eagles travel alone. People too, have similar standards of the way they live and function in the world.

When I think of endurance, I don’t think of geese and swans – I think of eagles. Eagles fly high with no limits or boundaries. Just as birds have the ability to ascend, so do we. Whether we stay on the ground or prepare for lift off, we own personal divine qualities that help us reach the levels of potential, achievement, and contentment we so desire; but sometimes like the eagle we must learn to stand alone to attain them. Our divine competences belong to only us and when we can discover them, they become our most valuable and wonderful adventure that lead us to great journeys of success.

There is power in the principle of standing alone. Alone is a contemplative reason for becoming your best YOU. Alone time helps you to live with and on purpose because most of your strongest visions are discovered when you are by yourself. Learn to fly like the eagle and have a strong vision of what you need and want. Know how to separate yourself. Do not belong and gratify others so much that you forget how to belong and oblige yourself. Also like the eagle, develop the durability to weather the storms of life – any storm. Not surprisingly, the eagle is the only bird that loves the storm. Having the ability to fly at a speed of 20 to 60 miles per hour, the eagle uses the winds of the storm to rise above and push HIGHER. How elevating it is to see an eagle soar!

Today, I celebrate 40 divine years of living. Come on, I urge you to get higher. Take some time this year to retreat to advance yourself. Dream big – truly BIG. Execute decisions with no apologies and no regrets. If you want to make your life a success, you already have everything you need inside you. You don’t have to go looking anywhere else. Like the eagle, spend a few minutes each day reflecting on the possibilities of reaching NEW heights. You will find that the best helping hand you will ever have resides at the end of your own arm.

Love and Light for your Tuesday.