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January 1, 2013: Evolve or Evaporate [White]

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.  ~ Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

lotus-flowerAt the start of each New Year and as a tradition, we evaluate our pros and our cons, weigh our checks and balances, and measure the psychological miles we have traveled up to that point.  When we take time to assess our lives, we discover that we are consistently experiencing several life cycles of change at once.  In some areas we are being led into change and in other areas, we are the change leaders.  Come what may, the cycle of life is forever changing and we are forever changing with it.  Learning to balance all of this intricacy of change is where the real challenge of change is found.

For many, the beginning of a new year provides yet another opportunity to seek simplicity, wholeness, hope, and clarity.  However, the most important factor many folks tend to overlook throughout the rest of the year is that whatever those changes may be, they don’t arrive all at once; they must evolve through small steps of development.

A very important aspect of our visual and emotional experience is color.  Colors possess the ability to transform us and provide monumental shifts in our psychological vibrations and flow of energy.  Our journeys are colorful.  They bestow us the influence of intuition, peace, calmness, comfort, security, flexibility, balance, understanding, clarity and love. Whether we are celebrating another year of existence, a sacred union of marriage, the challenges of transition, or embracing a new perspective of enlightenment, the colors in our lives symbolize the emotional, psychological and spiritual transitions we encounter.

To begin the year with clarity, the color white indicates new beginnings.  It may also symbolize for us a renewed sense of direction, wholeness, a clean slate, purity, humility, self-sufficiency, equality, neutrality, and completion.  Have you ever noticed how you may become inspired by feelings of freedom and uncluttered openness when you wear white clothing?  It modifies the way you see things, feel things, and embrace things around you.  Like a blank canvas waiting to be written upon, the color white affords us the simplicity to “begin again.”

Like the beauty of a snow angel, the purity of white helps us to connect with the innocence and beauty within ourselves.  Every year we grow in our physical bodies, relationships, careers, perspectives, and spirituality; and every year we recognize more and more that the past cannot be changed.   The reflective essence of white is clear.  It teaches us the awakening openness to growth and creativity. You cannot hide behind clarity because it amplifies everything in its path.  Clarity creates order, efficiency, and encouragement for us to evolve.  If we are evaluating ourselves effectively, we should consider asking ourselves daily – not just at the beginning of a new year, new month, new week – are we evolving or evaporating?

“The evolving mind” is an ambiguous phrase.  The mental process is itself a form of evolution.  That when you think, remember or feel, the process going on in your head is actually a process of evolution by natural selection. [Source: Gordon and Breach].

When is the last time you temporarily evacuated your thoughts?  Perhaps sat in silence with your eyes closed for just a few moments?  Observed the sun emerge, the sunset vanish, or the moon dance in all its mysteries?  Imagined all the things you could change if only “clarity” could become your most devoted companion?  Meditated on what you needed to know then requested the Universe to send it to you?  Patiently waited for an answer?  As we evolve, we discover things about ourselves that become transparent; we also discover how often we underestimate the power of our thoughts.

Our thoughts, beliefs and actions [be they positive or negative] cause us to either develop a greater sense of understanding – or dissolve into the abyss of ignorance. The color white refers to “inner cleansing” and generates the purifying of our thoughts, emotions, and spirit while refreshing and strengthening our entire energy system.  While white represents both the positive and negative aspects of all colors, its effects contain an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum.  The color white also tends to remind people of their youth – a time when life was easier and less complicated.  But our lives ARE complicated, so what do we do now?

…We consider that the future is full of possibilities.  Another year has arrived and we have yet another chance to seek the precision we so deserve. This year, take some time to discern what the colors in your life represent.  Everything you encounter, experience, believe or sanction is a metaphysical representation of the height of some form of consciousness.  The HEART of man is like an unopened lotus; when one embraces the virtues of higher consciousness, the heart opens like the lotus, clean and beautiful.  In eastern philosophy, the lotus flower represents the most profound characteristics of the existence of man.

You don’t have to be an extremist to be a believer.

This year, no temporary New Years adjustments or resolutions necessary; evolve into the New Year with clarity and self-love.  Dissolve those things that no longer serve you well.  May this year truly be YOURS!

Peace, Progress, Love and Light for your New Year.

Reference commentaries of January 2012: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st.