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“To be or not To be?”

question-mark-keyboard“To be or not to be: that is the question.” We’ve heard this thought-provoking Shakespearian phrase a million times over. Even so and with each time, it challenges us with a different set of rules and resolutions in our lives. If only we would choose to be led by our positive innate power while in a pickle, our choices may seem far less complicated.

Hamlet’s famous soliloquy expresses the dilemma of a person in dire and desperate straits. But we don’t have to get ourselves in such a strain if we want to experience uncertainty. Some people simply encounter it in supermarkets just trying to decide which brand of bread they ought to buy. There are so many options to contemplate; so many if’s, buts, or breads! The thing is, relationships are full of decisions, like refrigerators. You have to keep stocking them up and sorting them out. If you let things sit forever, you run the risk of something going stale.

For Hamlet, the question was whether – or not – to continue to exist; whether it were more noble to suffer the hurls of an agonizing situation, or to declare war on the sea of troubles that afflict one, and by opposing them, end them. To die. To sleep. To reflect. To dream, perhaps. Over time, the structure and depth of characterization in this 17th century play have stimulated much critical analysis. Nonetheless, we can gain considerable knowledge from one of the most powerful and influential tragedies in the history of English literature – the power of choice.

During my adolescence, I appreciated reading Shakespeare. He was a clever chap.

In one of his plays, he made one of his characters say, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

To put it in simpler terms, you’re as helpless as you imagine yourself to be…or not.

At times, the backdrop of our lives can seem much like a tragedy, with scenes of heartbreak, misfortune, even death. Something has been lost: a hope, a love, or the confidence we once regarded within ourselves. Clearly, when faced with moments of subjective decisions, it is hard to find fresh enthusiasm while struggling to cope with a difficult set of circumstances.

The people we feel most able to trust sometimes become the ones who give us cause to feel most suspicious. When our relationships are tested, we discover what they are truly made of. Nothing brings clarity like a conflict. If it can be resolved with honesty, we know where we stand. If it can’t be, that too may tell us something about the people we are dealing with. The other person may be looking for a life of deceit and ease, while you may be looking for an experience of depth, meaning, and magic.

Might some of your commitments be based on habits that deserve to be broken or assumptions that ought to be questioned? Be courageous and choose to redirect your energy and attention. 

This year, free yourself from whatever you seem to be stuck with – or in. Don’t be beaten by uncertainty or the need for validation from others. Choose your own destiny. Be bold. Be brave. Be clear, conscious, committed, and connected to who you are. Give yourself the kind of love that only you can give, and all will soon prove just how far your clever confidence can carry you.

Love and Light for your Tuesday!