February 9, 2010: A Soldier of Love

It is often referred to as “complicated”. It is giving. It is humble, kind, forgiving, amazingly wonderful and disturbingly dangerous, all at the same time. It is a conversation. It is unconditional. It’s as sweet as honey. It is timeless. It is courageous. It is brave. It is LOVE.

We seek it, we pray for it, we want it so we wait for it, we need it, and at some point, we unquestionably acknowledge that no matter what the circumstances are or have been throughout our experiences, we cannot deny it, nor can we live without it. It is at the core of our inner being – and ultimately, what makes us strong and what keeps us alive. I suspect that at the core of most personalities is mystery – a hunger for experience, a capacity for pleasure, a need for thought and purpose, an appreciation of beauty, a life force and a desire to love. Strangely, we suspect that the mystery of who we are and why we want what we want is something we glimpse in other people, and usually the closer we get to the mystery, the stranger people seem to appear. And the farther we are from the mystery, then, the easier it becomes to accept clichés and conventions about who people are, and the more normal they seem.

The United States Army, Airforce, Navy and Marines define a soldier as an enlisted man or woman, as distinguished from that of an officer, preparing for combat; a leader; a person who works for a specific cause. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines love as a strong, usually passionate and deep affection for an attachment or devotion to someone; good will toward others, or the expression of this.

In the words of renowned singer, survivor, international icon and distinctive balladeer, native born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Helen Folasade Adu, also known as Sade, says, “I’ve lost the use of my heart, but I’m still alive”, in her newly acclaimed album, Soldier of Love, which exquisitely dropped in stores across the country as of today. Sade has been internationally known for singing subdued and sentimental lyrics about life, passion, strength, pain, understanding, wisdom, loss, fear, despair, friendship, sympathy, devoted love, dimensions of love; the language of love and affirmations of love. I am appreciative for the gift of music and thought-provoking insight Sade has bestowed us.

Be a soldier of love – and a soldier of life. Come out of your cave and prepare for combat. I am a warrior of love because “Lovers Rock”, and “Is it a Crime”? I will continue to fight for love, because love IS “Stronger than Pride”.

Happy Sweethearts Day – Sunday, February 14, 2010. Stay warm throughout this snowy storm. Continue to send your prayers…and your efforts to the people of Haiti. Lots of Love and [thought] for your Tuesday!

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