February 16, 2010: The Courage of Conscious Conviction

Generally speaking, if you think that something is virtually impossible, you’re not going to try very hard to make it happen. We walk around with a counterfeit smile and an ego as big as the continent of Africa, but on the inside we are weeping, and often slowly loosing faith in the goodness of life. While we’re all a little too quick to declare that some things are not possible, I wonder what would happen if we summoned up a little of that faith to overcome our doubts and obstacles?

R&B veteran soul singer/songwriter/keyboardist, Charlie Wilson, has been a voice, not only for the jukebox, but also for spreading the message about the early detection of prostate cancer in men. After a whopping twenty-seven years of climbing the Billboards and exploding the dance floors, he like so many other survivors, have made the conscious decision to fight the flight, with courage, fortitude and insistence. After having survived homelessness, embezzlement and black male from others, drugs, alcohol and now cancer, Charlie Wilson is employing the courage to combat his demons from all sides. He’s “dropping the bomb” of fear and lighting the torch of courage, consciously and confidently venturing forward with one solid conviction in mind, “I’m going to perform AND inform,” says the 56-year old icon.

We all should employ a similar level of confidence when it comes to things that we desire to change, challenge or pursue. Fear immobilizes us, and it can become the fine line between whether we sink – Or – swim. Anything worth having is worth working for – including our health. And we must put our best foot forward, every minute of every day of every month of every year, in a relentless state of conscious conviction that we will indeed arrive. If it is a long-awaited dream that inspires you, awaken the giant within. If it is your health that you must attend to – take that overdue trip to the doctors’ office. If it is love that you need – seek it humbly. Whatever you seek out, employ it with bravery.

I will not expound on my very long list of objectives and current endeavors, but I will say that by having the courage of my convictions, I am now making those goals a reality, one at a time, with much required staying power.

Whenever I feel discouraged or as if I cannot meet a challenge, I am reminded by one favorite quote: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Les Brown – Motivational Speaker & Author.

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