September 7, 2010: Skies Wide Open

Welcome back family!  The summer has been both cherished and demanding, and I’ve missed you all.

The summer months have provided most of us with a relaxed chance to travel and explore, enjoy the gift of family and friends and most of all, the priceless opportunity to tap into our own magnificent energy.  June demanded our attention and gave us a push; July opened the door for reassurance while obstacles continued to rise; August intensified us with its’ celestial see-saw so that we could find our balance; and September now brings us more reflective wisdom, more change and oh yes, more challenge.  It would be dynamic if we could take full advantage of all these occurrences in such a wonderful way to understand how they shape, touch and modify our journeys. 

Change is an unavoidable and constant element of our existence, and sometimes we can’t see it, other times we don’t understand it, and most times we refuse to accept it.  The energy of our decisions is at the heart of many of these emotional, financial, physical and logistical transformations.  Over the summer, one important thing I discovered is that doors have disguises.  Behind every portal lies a different path; a wide open experience.  They say when one door closes, another door opens.  That’s very reassuring to know if you find yourself facing a door that you could once pass through easily, yet now you can’t seem to get through.  But should we really expect an old door to shut each time a new one opens for us? Sometimes I wonder if there’s a loss for every gain. 

What I do know now is that the portal to bliss is a revolving door.  True, obstacles will keep arising.  But by living in the NOW and understanding where you are and why you are there, makes the journey a little lighter and the door a little easier to step through. Be inspired now – the skies wide open for you!

Love for your Tuesday and your week ahead.

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