September 14, 2010: All There Is

Of all the relationships I have experienced in this life, the one most amazing, most rewarding, and most fulfilling has been the one I’ve come to develop with myself. I’ve had a lot of conversations over the years with different groups and ethnicities of people, and wherever I seem to go in this world I always seem to find someone who speaks the same language. I don’t however always expect to find someone who really understands me. This also depends on the level of depth I tend to seek within that communication process. While it’s easy to greet someone by saying, “Bonjour!” and get a reply, it’s not so easy to discuss deeply rooted feelings, strong needs, secret fears or troublesome memories.

Over the past year or more I’ve talked a lot about clarity. Clarity and communication go hand-in-hand. We find that communicating with others in life is necessary, but somehow and over time we discover that our own communications in the world are highly influenced by the certainty of our relationship with our own voice. When this reveals itself, a quiet confidence looms over us as it delivers a message of reassurance and truth. All the clouds that loom over our horizon have silver linings – not just the romantic or conventional ones that connect in general with items, situations and people that somehow define “who we are”, but the one most enriching will be the one that connects to the relationship we have with ourselves.

I find that there is wisdom and empowerment through self-love. Dealing with yourself, your challenges, your circumstances, loving yourself, are all what make you stronger – what make you – the most noteworthy you. Through communicating with and loving myself, I never feel as if I have to fill myself up with food, medication or alcohol, because I try to understand that the relief through this kind of empowerment can never come from something or someone else; it can only come from me. Through making a shift in my own physiology I trust and understand that I am indeed enough.

The coming clouds are so potentially positive. Stop, look and listen carefully to your inner voice. If you cannot modify your relationships with other people, you can certainly modify the relationship you have with yourself. After all, at the heart of the matter, all there is – is you.

Love for your Tuesday and your week ahead.

2 thoughts on “September 14, 2010: All There Is”

  1. This was a wonderful piece to read. The final paragraph is the one that requires us to do soul searching and is so powerful in us recognizing our own self and being!!!!


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