April 12, 2011: The Pursuit of Happiness

Contentment is the final chapter in my work-in-progress memoir Bridges. Its content represents the present time, in which I have arrived at a place of renewed energy, an intense and reflective state of consciousness, humble beginnings, and preferred happiness. It also symbolizes my growth, development, my familiar, and my flight ahead. This stage of my life does not necessarily mean that I have conquered in all of the facets of my life. Moreover, it is a point where I have discovered a level of contentment that I can now assume and sanction within myself.

People often think that, to be enjoyable, life has to be full of all the things that make us feel comfortable, secure, and loved. Similarly, they assume that if we are up against a difficult situation, we can’t possibly be happy. From time to time, we all deal with factors that are unfair. And at other times, there will be issues created by others that will become unnecessarily complicated. Depending upon how much time and energy we devote to those issues will determine how much fear, resentment, anger, and gloom, we allow to sap our strength and block our sunshine. Our sunshine is our light – and our love. When the warmth of the light calls for us, we soon discover that it takes just as much energy to be happy as it does to be sad. Unlike distress though, happiness gives us energy back.

Happiness is an enduring positive psychological stage of mind. It is not something that comes to you, rather something you must create within and for yourself. Another person cannot bring you the ultimate level of happiness that you so desire; happiness must come with you to the union. Most love relationships are often spoken of as power struggles, but many fail to see that they serve as learning curves as well. They are our mirrors. Partners are attracted to each other because of what they have to learn and teach, and sometimes, we have a need for a particular lesson. Experience is a great teacher. It does not though, give us an anticipation of everything that is to come, even if it “talks” in a tone of voice that implies it does. Therefore while we are learning, we must also pay attention to the lesson.

In searching for what is right for us, be it a love relationship or a new-found career, somehow, a certain level of contentment allows us to breathe. Relax. Smile. Embrace. When we subscribe to the notion that all things happen for the best possible reasons, we understand what life has been trying to tell us all along: that the link between the lesson we are now learning and the progress we need to make – is not obvious; but the two are connected in a wonderful way. We are then able to replace criticism with optimism; disbelief with faith, and venture on to making great things happen in our lives and pursuing the happiness we ultimately deserve.

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do”, so said J.M. Barrie. He wrote Peter Pan. We can likely trust him.

Happy Birthday today to a very special friend, JGS – who not only enriches my life, but makes the ride mo’ betta!

Love for your Tuesday and your pursuit of happiness.

Reference Commentary of Tuesday, June 29, 2010: The Color of Contentment

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