May 3, 2011: Bottoms Up

If life is a roller-coaster, it must have highs as well as lows; twists as well as turns; and of course stretches of track that run between the two. It takes us on a breathtaking journey of the unfamiliar, the new and exciting, and yes, often the unpredicted. And after the ride has traumatized us and we are ready to disembark, while we may not always know how or where we are going to land, the most important objective – is that we do.

With many things in life including a profession, divine friendships, enterprising developments, love interests, and even a spiritual excursion to the mountains, occasionally we find ourselves nurturing and beginning at the very bottom in an effort to working our way toward the top. Often, the distance from the substructure seems so far away. From the bottom looking up, we see the long slow climbs to the terrifyingly rapid descents that await us, and we wonder if we truly have the strength or the ambition to endure the challenge at all.

The bottom line – is that the highs and lows of life are inevitable. There will be unpleasant days and there will be better days. Like a roller-coaster, what goes up must come down, then possibly up again. And though you may get twisted and turned throughout the course, you should expect a rapid rise and an exhilarating journey from past disappointment to present satisfaction. That is – what we are all striving for.

Today is today, and tomorrow will without doubt, be another day. Although we should perhaps never postpone things that need our immediate attention, there are some things in life to which this old, wise rule does not adhere. Things, for example, which are terribly noisy, distracting, and deplete our positive energy, yet which have little or no long-term relevance to our lives. The most important inquiry now may be, do you ignore today, what may not even matter tomorrow? If it likely won’t, leave it alone and keep climbing.

Most of us are fine with life at the top. Others don’t mind so much being at the bottom. But all of us dread racing uncontrollably from one state to the other. Throughout my journey, I have discovered that there are no promises of a high from which I cannot eventually come down. But…..I have also learned to appreciate being on the bottom as well as the top, my highs as much as my lows – and the notion that the success I am about to enjoy will be just as safe, as it is exhilarating.

Yes, life comes at you fast, but you must trust the steering of your journey and embrace the beauty of your NOW.

Love for your Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “May 3, 2011: Bottoms Up”

  1. Lets hear it for better days……and not so better days……..and thank the creator them all. Loved the commentary……


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