November 8, 2011: Happy 2nd Anniversary TML!

This week marks the second anniversary for the Tuesday Morning Love website blog. For the past two consecutive years, Tuesday Morning Love has evolved into a communicative platform of love, light, and learning. I have expanded on such subjects as introspection, opposition, affirmative change, clarity, forgiveness, hope, pride, gratitude, family, courage, advocacy, peace, renewal, divine order, personal development, light, and love.

These commentaries have progressed and comforted the minds, hearts, and souls of many readers along the way. Astoundingly, in the most remarkable and unexpected way, they have transformed ONE acquainted soul – my very own. Over the years, I have come to understand that it is through sharing, enriching, and encouraging others, that love and light are cultivated to the fullest. I am grateful for the readers whom engage from week to week, share the inspiration with the acquaintances within their circles, and continue to support and inspire others with their divine gifts. It is through our very own passion that we learn to embrace and connect the dots of life.

Some well noted and obliged comments over the years have included:

“Awesome. Thanks for keeping the gate open wide with your contributions.” ~ Blanche

“Thanks for the reminder to….Never Conform…..Always Perform.” ~ Yvonne

“I really enjoyed reading this commentary because having courage–and finding strength–is a very hard thing to do in life, and I suppose it’s always good to read and hear about people who can–and Do inspire in such a positive way.” ~ Nia

“Thank you Rochelle, I am going to forward this to my husband who could benefit from considering this thought process. The universe relentlessly offers us guidance and positive inspiration in abundance; yes it does, if we just pay attention to the universe. I love this line! So I just want to tell you that you have been a blessing to me today.” ~ Shelby

“Thanks for the “mental” gymnastics!” ~ Vernon

“Rochelle: This is just beautiful. Lena Horne is one of my favorite musical actresses and definitely has a wonderful legend. Nancy Wilson and Lena Horne are two of my all-time favorites!” ~ Judith

“Excellent piece; totally blew my mind. Civility is indeed the cure to our homegrown disease in America and elsewhere.” ~ Linette

“I absolutely loved this one. It was a true piece of comfort and advocacy for [us] young adults, going out into the world–and for anyone really, to strive towards achieving fortitude.” ~ Nia

“For a long time I felt I lost my faith. I learned not too long ago my faith was still there and all I had to do was LOOK. My daughter was given to me when I truly started to believe and for this alone I will never lose it again. I ask little of God but I offer everything.” ~ George

“How did you know I needed this?! Thanks for the reminder; FOCUS with determination! ~Enjoli

“Thank you for the inspiration and your message helps me in my time of need.” ~ Kibbee

“Unfortunately, what qualifies as emotional stability to one person may seem the opposite to another. I have been inaccurately labeled as emotionally unstable, because I tend to take the road less travelled or refuse to follow someone else’s code of conduct…or sometimes just refuse to give a damn. That to some seems to scream instability – to me, I’m just doing me. Like it or lump it! ~ Yvonne

“Wow! Your blog was right on point. It touched on so many reflections of love in my own life. God, My Culture, Music, and my beautiful Nubian sisters; all are closely tied to the Creator of this beautiful earth, for without him they would not be in existence. God made my loving sisters uniquely like no one else in the world, their lip, hips, thighs, smiles, swagger, and beautiful Azzes! No one would ever doubt a higher power that would create such awe inspiring creation as African American women. “I love you Michelle Obama!” The African American experience reads like no other ever read in this world, you see we are a people of great come back power. We are the most intelligent, creative, enduring, and strongest group of people God has put on this earth. We taught at the University of Alexandria, survived the Middle Passages, and built the New World on our backs and nursed this nations’ Forefathers children while we nursed ours. Cannonball Addley, Max Roach, Thomas Dorsey, KRS-One, and Prince all great musical giants, whose names we would not know if the tribes in Africa didn’t have war dances! Who would ever think that tree trunks would create a Stevie Wonder? Is it any wonder why we are a people who to this day, taken away from our home land still have a love for the beat? The Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Bible) says God is love! You can’t have love without having a relationship with God and you can’t have a relationship with God without loving his creations.” ~ James

“Dear Rochelle, I love your blog – it’s very creative and it offers a wonderful sanctuary from the crazy and busy world we live in. Now, I have something to look forward on Tuesday morning… Love ~ Ania

“…embrace the beauty of your NOW. Well said.” ~ Blanche

“I have finally learned how to love me….no need to search for someone to love me…I am right here….I have everything I need inside me…..God’s love is always’ inside me…nothing missing, nothing wanted, nothing needed – that’s ALL there really is…..(loved your blog).” ~ Yvonne

These are the elevating heart-felt sentiments that continue to keep Tuesday Morning Love thriving! Again, thank you for your committed readership, love, light, and support. What has been your most beloved TML commentary and why? Please share your thoughts and stay tuned for greatness!

Love and Light for your Tuesdays ahead!

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