November 22, 2011: Streams of Clarity

Gwen Guthrie was the originator of the smash hit, “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But the Rent.” Two and a half decades have passed since the pronounced philosopher’s disco sensation, but the message of her song continues to ring all too true in the minds of many today.

Naturally and often, we allow our spiritual sensibility to be burdened down by our mental anxieties and financial challenges, forgetting that it too [just as the physical property we reside in] has its’ place and purpose. We get caught up in the flux and fear of feeling that we will not be able to aspire to a meaningful life if our income stream is uncertain and insecure, but the Creator in all His [or Her] wisdom did not send us to this Earth just to work and pay taxes; we have other business to attend to aside generating cash revenue.

Money affords us the material essentials of existing: shelter, transportation, food, and attire. Spiritual awareness though, affords us the unequaled necessities of true soul survival: clarity, composure, peacefulness, and inner joy. A radical and recent subjective shift has afforded me an opportunity to seek more understanding into my journey ahead. I am learning to appreciate change as it comes with each new day, and that each new day comes with a heightened sense of enlightenment that did not exist the day before. Many undertakings of the past few months have compelled me to think more deeply, embrace change even in the most uncomfortable of situations, relax, relate – and BREATHE.

As transformation welcomes me, I continue to arrive with such regard for the Universe and its’ power. Just as the waxing and waning of the moon causes the tide to rise and fall, it also governs the flow of our inner ocean of emotion. There are times when our feelings [and sense of clarity] are much closer to the surface than we can ever imagine. Many times we do not understand why a particular event is happening in the manner in which it is, nor do we care to accept that our journey has taken a path – divergent of the one we’ve so carefully and strategically selected. The single theory that can keep us balanced and clear is in knowing that the Universe does not make errors. All things are indeed calculated – and divine, therefore, you should never compare your life to someone else’s; you have no idea what their journey is all about.

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to sincerely be grateful: not only for your beautiful home, sufficient employment, or satisfactory partnership; but also for your positive spirit of endurance, the precious time you have been given here on Earth, and for your soul’s clarity. While we are producing streams of income to pay just dues for the necessary material basics of life, we should be just as devoted to generating streams of clarity for our mental stability and to honor our spirit. We become internally grateful and discover that the wisdom clarity affords us alongside our journey provides not only a clearer perspective – but a MORE powerful reason to live. Be thankful and let gratitude guide you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift. – Regina Brett

Loads of love and light for your journey.

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