December 13, 2011: STRONGER

String or Straw? Sand or Steel? Sticks or Stones? Soda Pop or Spiced Rum? Success or Failure? What’s the difference between the two components of these scenarios? One item is sturdier than the other; one ingredient more potent; one end result surrenders, while the other remains unwavering. Through a number of experiments, scenarios, and circumstances, we discover our purpose, position, and divine power; we also discover how we can use that power to combat the challenges of life.

Life is a lot like a classroom: you are presented with psychological, emotional, and social challenges, critical-thought processes, and opportunities to decode and learn each day. And like any learning environment, you are able to position and reposition yourself to arrive at a higher level of wisdom. What you do with the insight you obtain – is key. Obstacles will arise and be placed in your path merely to distract your focus, yet they will challenge your abilities. Without your recognition those very same obstacles ultimately make you stronger; smarter; bolder; wiser.

We often view difficulties as weaknesses, when they are really blessings in disguise. These drawbacks only draw us back if and when we allow. The beauty in any obstacle is that it reveals to us exactly what were made of: sticks or bricks. That inner strength forces us to be fearless with our minds yet faithful with our hearts. A strong commitment resides in the heart of all of us, and a deep connection encourages us to keep striving, thriving, and giving – our all.

You are made of STERN stuff. Everyone has their wobbly moments, but while you may wobble, you certainly won’t collapse. The possibilities of your today are precious. They are not to be simply tolerated; they are to be cherished. The strength of your tomorrow is not to be feared; it is to be embraced. Sometimes you have to discover your strength so that you can master how to just BE.

Be still.

Be focused.

Be relaxed in your day-to-day life and act without being afraid of failing.

Be bold and do things that bring you closer to the life you want – not the life you have. Liberate yourself through action.

Be humble.

Be analytical but courageous.

Be easy with yourself and generous with your thought process.

Be forgiving of your mistakes.

Be calm and confident.

Be stronger – because YOU are!

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything; but I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. – Edward Everette Hale (1822 – 1909)

Love and light for your Tuesday.

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