January 3, 2012: Ready to Reboot?

The splendid customary holidays have ended. They saluted various folks with varied matters and in diversified ways. For many, the earlier holidays were a time of duty and obligation, a time of joy, readjustment, even grief, and for some folk not a holiday at all – just business as usual. Each of these celebratory occasions is merely an event on the calendar, yet they provide us philosophical intervals of gratitude, introspection, and restoration.

Consequently, we are here and the journey of 2012 has begun. Today is a new day, yesterday is forever gone, and tomorrow is definitely worthwhile considering. This is the beginning of the start of the new beginning: your new beginning. The journey of a million miles begins with a single step, so said Lao Tzu, a great philosopher of ancient China. Lao Tzu believed that action begins with a single step of faith.

Journeys are important. They guide us to accomplish great things, and all great accomplishment begins somewhere. There are missed opportunities, lost battles, and series of unfortunate events, but the most important thing is that there are new beginnings. Our starting point often begins from exactly where we are in any one particular moment in time. Eric V. Copage said, We must allow ourselves the opportunity to make our starts.

This year, your journey is just as important as any other years’ journey. The difference is that you are here, not there. You are in the presence and in the moment of NOW. Even if we were able to identify all of life’s predictability, there would remain a sense of “discontentment”. The uncertainty of NOW is a blessing – not a misfortune. It is the start of something that is everything, and so it can become whatever you think it to be; whatever you want it to be; whatever you need it to be. The psychological preparation of your journey is just as valuable as the physical steps you will take to travel it.

While everyone else is busy reviewing the year that has just gone by, you can look forward to embracing the now and what is to come. Believe in what you are doing, where you are going, and what you can change. Recondition your thoughts. Readjust your objectives. Recharge your spirit. Reboot your confidence. YOU can do anything.

The first thing I typed was my name. I wanted to see how it looked in print. Then I began to type my poems. ~ August Wilson

Love and light for your new year ahead!

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